At the dentist

I am sitting in the waiting room at the dentist’s office. Seems to me it’s a good time to do a ‘keeping in touch’ entry.  If you came for the photos, skip this one.

My apologies to all my friends and family that I can’t do more than this group update.  Without my new phone that fills in words I doubt I could do this much.

My youngest son is getting the last filling and then it is the turn of The Husband and myself.  Twelve years after moving to Israel we are finally getting everything settled.  I don’t think it would have taken so long if the body hadn’t crashed two months after getting off the plane.  We all have our stories, mine isn’t unique or special, just different.

We are, Hashem willing, hosting an Independence Day gathering at our new home Thursday.  TH washed my van today, we are trying to clean up the yard which until today was filled with builder’s debris.  We have a fire pit to set up, and weeds to cut down.  We don’t have enough places to sit, but it will all be sorted out.  I hope people will show up.  TH and I once gave wonderful parties.  Maybe one day we will again.

My dil and son have moved back back back in with us temporarily.  It is working out much better than anybody expected  but the house is much too small; so it is a good thing it is only temporary.

I’m starting to run out of steam.  Sorry this is mostly headlines, but at least it’s something.  Photos from the new camera soon.

Be well and Gd bless


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