Photos from Eilat

A day late and a pound shy, but I am getting photos processed, sorted, and so on.  Not the best photos I’ve ever taken, but it was the first time taking the camera out in a very long time.


This was the elevator lobby at our hotel,


and the ramp into the breakfast area and wifi lobby


Sadly, I  have no memory of the name of this shopping centre.  I liked the look of this ramp and stairs.  It was not completely accessible – to get to one of the levels we had to go outside.  Fortunately in Eilat that is not much of a hardship.


A view of the airport.




I just loved these three palm trees.


There are many of these fish statues.  I have no idea what they are for, or how long they have been there.  Some show a great deal of weathering.


I’ve no idea if this was merely an unfortunate tree, or an art installation.


In this photo you can see Jordan in the background.  The large hills are across the river and become a backdrop for much of the trip.


The building behind is an art centre.  I was inside but long enough ago I no longer remember it.  Someplace to visit again another time.


The rest of my photos were taken on the drive home after leaving Eilat.  I haven’t yet managed to deal with them – there are a lot more.  I love taking photos in the Negev, it is so very beautiful.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share some of them with you, sometime.


4 thoughts on “Photos from Eilat

    • A number of years ago, a bunch of gaily-decorated pegasi (is that the plural for pegasus?) appeared throughout the Outer Banks, NC, and many are still around. They were put up in celebration of the first flight 100-year anniversary (you know, winged horses, and the horses represented the herd of wild mustangs in the area). I love seeing which ones have survived another year when I go and these fish remind me of them. So pretty and eye-catching 😉

  1. When the wife and I visited Eilat we had a great time. Wonderful little city, plus we got to go skin diving which was cool. I’d never seen so many beautiful fish in my life.

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