Home again

I’m home, which was apparently the right thing to do.  I spent the rest of the time in Eilat in pain, which makes it hard to be fair to the hotel I stayed at.  For what I paid ($75/night) I shouldn’t expect much…  but the hotel definitely presents itself as a better place than I found it.

The pain appears to be at least in part caused by any sort of wind or draft.  The hotel was full of drafts.  There was no way for me to stay warm enough.  Now I doubt if I were healthy and able-bodied I would find much to complain about except that the complimentary breakfast was one of the worst I have had.  I am NOT healthy, or able-bodied, and I found a much warmer welcome, both literally and figuratively, at the last hotel I stayed at, which made absolutely no claim to being accessible.  So – if I can cope with the stairs, I will stay there if I ever have occasion.  The Red Sea Hotel, which is actually just across the street from this last place.  Just for the record.  🙂

I took loads of photos, and wanted to share them, but it will take time to sort through them and all of that, so it will come, in time.

And I am quite exhausted, so good night!


Later note:  I’ve tried repeatedly to upload a photo from Eilat.  I don’t know why it isn’t working.  So this post has no image.  *sigh*


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