About Eilat

I didn’t write much about Eilat, and the truth is that I am terrible about that.  I am terrific about complaining about hotels (and more of that later) but not so good about what makes Eilat such a wonderful place to come.

I suppose, first and foremost, is the size.  Eilat is just big enough for my country self.  ~I can walk (rather, go by wheelchair) almost everywhere.  And I do mean almost everywhere in the wheelchair.  There are places the curb cuts are more for appearance than actually functional.  And the airport stands between the beach/resort area and everything else.  But – yes, we (that is TH and I) can go just about anywhere on foot and wheelchair.  I can even get to the (Red) Sea.  I haven’t tried to get to the Mediterranean from here yet.

I’d have to drive or take a bus or taxi to the dolphin beach (well worth the trip) but I believe that is it in terms of places I might want to go.  We went out last night and visited the beach area.  Wandered around looking at houseboats and glass-bottomed boats, watched the amusement rides, and just enjoyed being there.  There are plenty of people to watch and street musicians to listen to.  There are shops and statues and all the pretty lights.  Something that caught my eye was a helicopter that could be thrown in the air and made such pretty lights coming down.  It helped that it was dark enough that the lights could stand out.  None of that ‘turning night into day’ nonsense, but still enough lit to see where you are going.

There were lots and lots and lots of young men.  Did they just get out of the army, or is there something special about this time of year?  The other times we’ve come down for our anniversary there hasn’t been such a preponderance of young men.  Almost all of them in groups of three.  Hmmm

TH and I talked about buying a houseboat instead of an apartment over the sea when our current lease is up.  I don’t know what we will do of course, but we kick around ideas all the time.  We have another nine years on our lease (good planning, I say) so there is plenty of time to see what things are like.  TH will be about retirement age, although there is no reason for him to retire unless he wants to.  Old programmers (at least the good ones) need never retire.  Their experience is worth so much, even though there are employers who like to act as if one is as good as another.  So much the worse for them.

But, back to Eilat.  It is noisier than I am used to at night, but for the most part the noise dies down to a reasonable level before midnight.  We are at a hotel in the middle of town.  Close enough to hear the late night planes arriving at the airport.  There weren’t any flights that I noticed after nine o’clock.  They are all small planes, no 747s or larger landing there.  It’s actually quite a nice place, even if the landscaping was last looked after before the last war.  At least.

Comments about the hotel can wait.  I am not impressed so far.  We picked this hotel in part because a hotel in the same chain received the highest marks for handicapped accessibility.  Yes, I can roll into the room.  Carefully.  And there are ramps in the pool area and lobby.  Umm.  More later, is all.  It may be that I have a terrific second night and it erases all the bad feelings.  It is possible.

TH and I are going to do some shopping.  All necessary items, but at least one of them I am going to the duty-free mall, just because.  And I must get some photos.  We’ll see how it goes.  😉


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