It Really Is All Good

So, still struggling.  I can type, sort of.  My hands get tired very quickly, though.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to tell about my various trips, to Yad Mordechai, and trying to see a neuro at Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon, among others.

I have another appointment, another try to see the neuro on Sunday 13 March.  It is not as if the neuro can do anything to help with the physical problems, but hopefully I can get a letter stating that I need an electric wheelchair which might or might not help to get me an electric wheelchair, but will make the physiotherapist happy.  Whether or not it makes her happy enough to actually help me with physiotherapy I can’t guess.  She seems completely disinterested at this point.

I have three prolapsed disks in my neck, so getting some form of p.t. really isn’t optional, as the only other treatment conventional medicine offers is surgery.  Fortunately my middle daughter does eastern medicine, so for the moment I am pinning my hopes on acupuncture and so-tai.

I’ve been taking the wheelchair van in once a month or so, each time with a shorter list of things that need fixing.  Last time there was only three, so it is possible that I will finally have a fully functional w/c van soon.  There was a hole in the gas tank, a problem with the shifting mechanism, and the button on the lift wasn’t working correctly.  It is progress, and for the moment all is right with the van.

I am leaving to pick up youngest son from the Sderot train station in just a little bit.  Going to visit friends in Ramat Beit Shemesh on Monday.  Hopefully managing a fun outing just for the heck of it one of these days.  Maybe I can even write about it if/when it happens.

It is hard work learning to live with the new functional deficits, but at least I have some experience.  When I was first dx’d with M.S., it was such a struggle not to descend into despair.  This time I know that, while I must grieve the loss of things I have had in my life (I can no longer play piano or guitar, I can no longer dress myself), I can still have a good life filled with people who make life worth living.  And I can still knit, albeit slowly and with effort.  Maybe that will come back; but if not, then I will have something else to fill the space in my life.

I have a working w/c van.  I’m going to go places and see things.  It’s all good.

8 thoughts on “It Really Is All Good

  1. I love your positive outlook. A dear friend of mine was diagnosed with MS about 5 years ago and she knows what to expect but perseveres with exercises and her sculptures. She is an inspiration!
    I wish you the best Melissa.

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