An update, in case you were wondering.

I really wanted to be writing positive stuff, and I haven’t had a lot of positive stuff so there hasn’t been much of me.  So it goes.

I had a visit from the doctor on Wednesday, and as expected she was no help.  *sigh*  She’s a better doctor than most, but it isn’t bad enough I have M.S., and possibly some other weird neurological problem, my doctor has to blame it all on *diabetes* and threaten me, with lies and scare tactics.  Why? because I know well enough that whatever is wrong with my hand is not caused by high blood sugar.  I don’t take it seriously enough for her.

What I am taking seriously is the fact that it is very cold here (above freezing, but just) and there is still this huge hole in my wall and no heat.  Almost no hot water, as we are surviving on only a solar hot water heater and in case you hadn’t noticed, the days are pretty short even when it isn’t cloudy and raining.

So I’ve kind of had other things on my mind.  I have made it out in the wheelchair van a couple of times, and I am doing a really good job driving with the joystick, and that is all good.  My youngest daughter is practicing driving, including the van, so there is yet snother driver in the house, and that is also good.

So I’m not travelling very much, unless you count trips to the shuk.  In other good news, though, I am walking better.  I don’t need to detail the horrors of the physiotherapist-in-training who had no clue about M.S.  Suffice it to say that I stopped going to see him or doing the ‘exercises’ in September, and I am only now being able to walk about a bit.  Argh!  Walked around the house a couple of times while everyone was out, then walked about a bit more just because I could.

Maybe I’m not actually travelling much, but I am going mobile.  🙂

Going to see the new neuro finally tomorrow, so pray for me!



8 thoughts on “An update, in case you were wondering.

  1. My son is a caretaker for a man with MS.I’m 66 but hopefully have those good aging genes. Mother passed at 88 and father just turned 92. For me it’s coronary artery disease and cancer but seems both under check for now. Merry Christmas and thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I am in total awe of you, navigating “the system” in a land that is harsh on the able bodied. I can’t imagine dealing with the challenges from a wheel chair. There is not one bit of level ground, Eged buses roar through crosswalks, and of course one has to have a hit’hayavut for everything…at this point in my life I would be terrified, based on my previous experiences with neurologists after I had a seizure and by the shape of the goose egg, must have cracked my head on the metal door frame prior to hitting it again on the stone floor. So I am in awe. Kol ha’kavod lach!!!.

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