Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

I haven’t been doing too well, with nothing really fun to write about, and no place I want to remember.  On the positive side, as far as I can tell, the wheelchair van is finally working like it is supposed to.  And I got part of the missing window installed, just in time for a ‘Doors and Windows’ challenge.  😉

I don’t understand how you install part of a window, but apparently the window comes in two parts, an inside part and an outside part.  Only the inside part is installed, but even only that gives me a much heightened sense of security – like I am not just ‘camping out’ but in a real room.  So here is the inside part of the safe room, and my bedroom, window.  You can see that the hole in the wall is still somewhat raw and unfinished, but there is actual glass.

In addition, I now have handles on my door, and the ability to close and open it when I choose.  Talk about luxury!  Here is my now-functional door in all its glory:

My youngest son helped me to get these photos, as I am not easily leaving the bed today.  My camera wasn’t happy trying to take a photo of a white door in a white wall, so it was an achievement.

And one last thing, because my life seems to be a continuous work in progress, just as the part of a window is installed and I can now close and open my door, this happened:

The safe room/my bedroom is separating from the house.  My youngest son took more photos, including one which shows the window that they left unfinished, with a gap big enough for a Terrier to drive through.  So it goes.  I am not up to posting any more photos, going to rest and recover some more, before I have to drive to Be’er Sheva tomorrow for a ct scan.

If we find out what is wrong with my left hand (at present the orthopedist thinks one of the cervical vertebrae is pinching one or more nerves) and it is fixable, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me.  In the meantime, I will try to post something, even just a few photos, so anyone who is following at least knows I’m still here.  In my room, with part of a window, which is trying to leave the rest of the house.  You have some fun, too!