Starting out (again)

I haven’t been writing much, I’m having a hard time settling down into my skin.  But first:  the good news.  The van (appears to be) fixed!  I drove it home after spending three hours finding the place, and six hours waiting on their half-couch, with no problems at all.  Well, if I leave out the excitement of trying to back out of the garage with three inches to spare on one side, and maybe six on the other, using the joystick (which I haven’t been able to use for a while), while various people shouted at me in Hebrew.

I could have done it if they’d just shut up, but eventually I decided to follow their (hand waving) directions and trust – very much like trusting Hashem in my day-to-day life.  Now the truth is that I am a very good driver, but driving in unfamiliar conditions while they yelled at me was just too much.  So I let it go and they directed me out and all was well.  Except for my ego which is a wee bit bruised that they actually think I am that incompetent, but I will get over that.  I hope.  😉

The drive home was uneventful.  Youngest daughter swapped the regular drivers’ seat for the wheelchair while I was picking out some chocolate for her and I was able to drive home in more comfort.  I would be better off being able to enter the van in the wheelchair and drive like that, but the wheelchair has me sitting so high that it actually interferes with my being able to see properly out of the windshield.  Not good.  So for longer drives I drive in the regular drivers’s seat with the wheelchair riding behind me.  I have gotten quite good at hoisting myself up into the van, the hardest part is getting a let up on the step to enter the van.  After that I can hoist myself in using my arms, and all is good.

After all of the excitement of Thursday, I mostly rested on Friday and Saturday.  I had a little bit of an emotional melt-down Friday night, but with shabbot and a long conversation with friends Saturday night, I’m doing well – as well as could be expected.  Not sleeping well, but looking forward to a non-stressful week, and maybe even getting to visit with a friend or two (finally!).

The fun part of having the van is hopefully about to commence.  I’ve waited a long time, and I really need this.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Starting out (again)

  1. Mel – self mobility makes everything in life so much easier. For me, I haven’t car but when I lose peripheral vision periodically, I lose the ability to drive. Makes life challenging some days. I’m so glad the an makes you more independent.

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