Trip to the hot springs

Okay, new page for writing a blog-post.  I’m not really happy about this, really glad that I got to read about it from others before finding myself facing this totally new and to me non-intuitive frame.  I’m sure it will work out, or, I’m sure something else will, somehow.  *sigh*  I do not understand why things have to be made so difficult.  So it goes.

I went out with my two daughters and daughter-in-law that live near me, to go to a hot spring spa south of Be’er Sheva on Monday.  It was to celebrate, for the third day, my youngest daughter’s 21st birthday.  It ended up being a much larger than usual celebration for us, as the house filled up on Shabbos with my brother, my older daughter, and youngest-daughter’s boyfriend.  On top of the people who live here normally, and given that it is not a large house, it was quite a crowd.

Sunday was the day, and although we didn’t do anything particularly special, the boyfriend stayed and we kept wishing her a happy birthday all day (at least when I remembered).

So maybe the Monday trip to the spa was overkill, but I really needed it, youngest daughter wanted it, and we all had a wonderful time.

We really had no idea, leaving the house, where we were going or what it would be like.  Phone calls had been made and the web site examined, but still I didn’t even know, as we left the house in a pouring thunderstorm, if the pools were under a roof.

I was driving the wheelchair van, which has enough problems that I wasn’t entirely sure that trying to drive it was a good idea.  Better than trying to get into the car that we have, with the borrowed, folding wheelchair in the trunk.  If I could manage that, I wouldn’t have had to go through the five years getting the wheelchair van.  I drove up to Sderot to pick up the older daughter, and daughter-in-law, before heading south to Be’er Sheva and beyond.

To give you an idea of how exciting it all was, youngest daughter had to use bandage tape to keep the sun-visor from falling into my line of vision, I had to manually force the gear shift into gear because the push-buttons weren’t doing the job.  I couldn’t drive with the joystick, and the wheelchair lift has a back plate which has to be kicked down in order to get the wheelchair into the van.  It could have been worse.   A couple of other presenting problems seem to have gotten sorted out since Wednesday’s big trip to the Tel Aviv area, so that was good.

The spa claims that it is twenty minutes south of Be’er Sheva.  I don’t know how they figure that, I would have to have been speeding more than is usual, even in the south, to come close to only twenty minutes.  Let’s say forty minutes, although it was quite a bit less than that coming back north afterwards.  I don’t know how that happens, but it is a familiar experience.

When we got there, prepared for anything, we found an unassuming building with a security guard, and just inside the door some bathrooms and the service desk.  While some of the girls used the bathrooms, youngest daughter discovered a small shop that seemed to sell actual modest bathing suits.  I suggest we could check it out on the way out, which turned out to be unfortunate, as the shop closed not long after we got there.  Next time…

The place claims to be handicapped accessible, and it is for a given definition.  There are ramps to get everywhere, and what claims to be a stall in the changing room for the crippled.  The stall was locked, and changing room with the wheelchair symbol on it was no different from any others – not big enough, no grab rails – and none of the showers were accessible either.

Fortunately for me I’m not shy, and I went ahead and changed by the lockers.  Both daughters helped me one way and another, and we were soon wheeling (me) out to where the pools were.  Pools – more than one.  The hot springs are natural, and on a cold day like this past Monday was, it was so very lovely to get into that warm, not hot, water, and just soak.

I went into two of the pools, one had only steps, although there was a sort of lift for being lowered into the water if I wanted, or if it was one of those days I simply couldn’t manage by myself.  The other had a ramp, and also water that jetted out and one could stand (if one could stand) with one’s back to a jet and get quite a nice massage.  There were at least two other pools that I didn’t try to go into as well.  I can’t stand or walk well, but I can swim, so once I was enough in the water I had a great time getting around, floating, and generally just being happy for the freedom of the water and the luscious feeling of the warm mineral water.  I am definitely going back.  🙂

There was a lunchroom style restaurant, and the food was rather good cafeteria style.  It was a meat restaurant, but my vegetarian daughter was still able to put together quite an edible meal.  I had some beef, some chicken schnitzel, potatoes, rice, …  There were salad fixings and some lemonade and it made quite a good meal.  I took more food than I can eat, which was too bad, but I really had an appetite when I finally got to eat sometime after 2pm.

Like I said, I had a wonderful time.  If one were in the area and interested, I would be happy to provide directions, although I expect it is easy enough to find.  I love going to the sea, but this was a very different experience, and my first time being able to soak since moving into the new house.  I hardly recognize my feet afterward – they look so much better!

I think I may have left my swimsuit there when we left.

So that was all, except that the van developed a new and really bad problem on the way home of slipping out of ‘drive’ while I was driving.  I had hoped to do some shopping in Be’er Sheva, but instead I drove straight home, sometimes having to literally lean on the gear shift in order to keep the car driving.

So now the van sits quietly in the driveway, waiting for Thursday and the big trip up to Rosh HaAyin, heaven help us all, possibly leaning on the gear shift all the way.

Tomorrow I am to go to a chiropractor, in the hopes that a pinched nerve might be causing this numbness and that a chiropractor might be able to help.  I do have an appointment with a neuro, but that is not until December (getting close now!), and really, neuros can do so little to help.  Or nothing.

At least, if the van is working, I can drive using the joystick, with just my right hand, so if my left hand is numb, or my feet, it isn’t relevant to the driving.

I guess that is all for tonight.  Must get some sleep sometime.  Good night all.


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