Traveling, resting, and traveling some more

The huge outing planned for Monday was incredibly successful.  So also was the huge outing on Wednesday, and please Gd will again be on the huge outing I have planned for Friday.  In between huge outings is a lot of resting and trying to stay as healthy as possible.  What was I thinking?


I am getting better at driving the van, and using different controls (standard vs. joystick) and sitting in a regular driver’s seat as well as driving sitting in my wheelchair.  I am getting stronger, for instance I can now wheel myself onto the lift from inside the vehicle with no trouble, which the first couple of times was almost un-doable.


So I’ve driven to Sderot, Ashkelon, Rishon L’tzion, Netivot, Be’er Sheva, and of course back home.  It’s been more exciting than I think it needed to be.  Monday, we visited Ikea in Rishon, and ended up driving home after dark.  I’d never driven the van after dark and it turned out I had no idea how to turn on the driving lights.  So I drove home on the idiot lights (those lights that are on all the time that the car is on), and said many prayers of thankfulness that it was a full moon.  And the clouds parted to let the moon shine through.


Tuesday (shuk day in Netivot) I drove for the first time in the rain.  It would have been much more exciting if I hadn’t found out (with The Husband’s help) how to turn on the headlamps.  As it was, it was pretty exciting.  One of my biggest problems with the van at the moment is that I can’t properly reach the turn signals when driving with the joystick.  Turns out I also can’t properly turn on the windshield wipers.  It came on to rain while I was already driving along a stretch of road with no safe place to pull over, youngest daughter in the front passenger seat having to cope with a complete idiot on the phone who was yelling at her and she wasn’t able to help.  I did get the wipers going before I was driving completely blind, and there’s the turn for the moshav road! – almost home.  Youngest daughter got off the phone and apologized, since she is there to help me out, but dealing with the idiot driver was also important.  Despite the address being printed on the package in three separate places, he was outside the old house saying no one was home – which of course we weren’t, as we moved house more than six months ago.  I can’t, at this juncture, remember what was in the package, but it was something we were waiting for and he had already failed to deliver once.  Read the blessed address, fool!  Ah, well.


Friday I am hoping to break out of the south, visiting Tel Aviv, possibly Hod HaSharon or Holon, Kfar Saba, maybe Rosh HaAyin (the Rosh HaAyin shuk!).  Maybe I will actually be able to write about the actual trip rather than only about my plans, and a short recap afterward.  But I won’t count on it.  It’s been that kind of week.  I’ve a full day planned for Sunday as well, but none of the pressure that comes from having to visit government offices and deal with insane clerks.  Just the dentist.  Whee!  I forgot to mention, I have a new dentist.  😉


Really enjoying being mobile again, and looking forward to seeing more of the country than government and doctor’s offices.  Soon.


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