Another big outing in the wind

I’d intended to come right back and write something, but that got buried in busy-ness.  I don’t know what I’m going to write about – I’m awake at a really impossible time – about 5:30am – and so all my usual bets are off.


I think it has something to do with the time change.  Anyway, I slept for about three hours, but then woke up and haven’t been able to get back to sleep.  This is a little bit worrying because I have a big day planned for tomorrow (later today).  There is that saying:  Man plans, G-d laughs.  One of those days.


I have an appointment for acupuncture in Sderot at ten, followed by a visit with a counselor in Ashkelon at noon.  In between I am going to pick up dil, who is coming with me to visit in the car, and to help get me into a place that is not the least little bit wheelchair accessible, despite the woman’s repeated assurances.  My youngest daughter may come along or not.  It depends a lot of a lot of things, like, the weather.


Today it rained.  Quite fiercely.  As my room has yet to have its window installed, or the concrete waterproofed, it was more exciting than (I think) it needed to be.  The weather reports said thunderstorms tomorrow, and as I have yet to drive the wheelchair van in anything but sunny, dry weather, I’m not too sure about getting out for a long drive tomorrow.  The long drive in question (last week Ashkelon was a long drive – how quickly things change) is to Rishon L’tzion, home of one of the two Ikea stores in Israel.  I have a wall of bookshelves I want to buy.


Middle daughter wants shelves also, and youngest daughter wants an aron, a closet.  So the odds of her coming along increase if it seems that the weather allows for the longer trip.


I’m getting much more confident about this driving thing, although it is almost as exhausting as it was in the beginning.  I am comfortable switching from regular controls to the joystick and back.  I have been driving using the normal driver’s seat instead of rolling in in the wheelchair, which allows for other drivers to help out with less fuss and bother.  It is harder for me, but I am getting rather good at hoisting myself into the seat.  It took several tries to figure out how best to do that.  It helps, without a doubt, that I am tall.


The silly thing is that I have to be careful not to get ‘caught’ driving using normal controls.  I needed the van to be able to be driven by me at my worst – which is generally all summer – but the rules don’t allow for having something like relapsing/remitting M.S., in which there are times when I can drive perfectly normally.  So I have to act as if my worst is how I am all the time, or risk getting in real trouble.  *sigh*  In a way I’m lucky – I know a lady who has to pretend she can’t climb steps.  You can’t live in a country like this one – where handicapped accessibility is just a set of nonsense words to most builders and planners – and not climb steps sometimes.  Either that or never go out.  Been there, done that.


So anyway, tomorrow, which really is later today, is a big outing, and I hope I will be able to write about it afterward, but if not then at least it is recorded as happening.  If I do make it to Rishon L’tzion (and Back!) with or without bookshelves, I should have quite a story to tell.


One thought on “Another big outing in the wind

  1. So glad to hear you are out and about! Yay! Wishing you a good trip – I’ve had to drive out wheelchair van with Sammie in it in bad weather and it’s OK if you go slow and don’t panic. Tiring though, for sure. I pray (or whatever it’s called when I have no idea what I believe in yet still find myself doing it) for your safety and for peace in your country. Hugs, dear friend xxxxxxx

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