I am planning to drive to Be’er Sheva

Two days ago (Monday) The Husband and Oldest Son drove up to the nearby city of Sderot.  They got on a train for Petakh Tikva, took a taxi from the train station there, and drove my wheelchair van back down south.  I rode up with them to Sderot, and drove the car (sshhh!) to the home of my middle son and daughter-in-law.  That’s right, the one with whom I’ve had so many difficult times.  I visited.  We talked.  We hugged.  All seems to be better between us.  Miracles happen, often when you least expect them.  🙂


TH and my oldest son arrived some hours later with the w/c van, and I drove it home.  Yes!


Yesterday I drove to another nearby city, Netivot.  I drove to the shuk with youngest son and youngest daughter.  It was the first time I have been to the shuk in so long – years.  Youngest son has likewise been trapped at home, although he has been out a couple of times to visit friends.  It was likewise for him the first time in years.  We got there late, everyone still there was closing, but we were able to buy almost everything we wanted/needed.  The prices have come down enough (because the shmitta year is over?) that we spent just a bit more than half what I have been budgeting for the shuk each week for the past year.


I also drove to a spice shop where we picked up chia seeds.  I have those in a morning shake (made in the Vitamix, glory) for protein.  My diet has become much better, and includes much less Pepsi with the lovely Vitamix.  Worth every shekel.


Wednesday I am planning (Hashem permitting) to drive to Be’er Sheva.  This is a long drive and I am a wee bit frightened.  I won’t go if when I get up it doesn’t feel like the right thing.  I had one really ‘wobbly’ moment driving in Netivot yesterday – I tried to turn on the left-turn signal and the car wobbled and ended up on the curb of the median strip before rebounding to the right before I was able to get it under control.  Scary, but glad it happened in a relatively quiet part of Netivot.  Now I know to be extra careful when using the left-turn signal.  Something about the angle or how I reach the signal causes the joystick to wobble just a little bit.  I think I am okay with it now.


The reason for going to Be’er Sheva, it has a particular urgency, is I haven’t received my handicapped parking permit card, or ‘tag.’  The tag, pronounced ‘tahg,’ is in the computer as if I had received it (I found out when oldest son got a parking ticket, but that is neither here nor there), but I have not received it.  This is very important, more important now because with the wheelchair van there are places I need to go where I literally can’t go or park without the tag.  One of those places is the misrad rishui, or what we called back in the States the Department of Motor Vehicles.  The place I need to go to find out why I haven’t got my tag and hopefully receive a new one is a place where I’m not sure I can even get into, leave alone park, without the tag.  Delightful, no?  It is yet another of those adventures with which my life is peppered.  I am sure all will be well – eventually.


It will be a long drive, and Be’er Sheva is a big city.  Whatever was wrong with the van (if it was the van) is supposedly fixed.  Other than the slight wobble yesterday, I’ve had no problems driving, although I did experience some sharp stops and lurches forward as I tried to navigate down a narrow, crowded lane and followed some stop-and-go traffic.  I clearly need practice driving this thing, and yet…


When I drove the car home from Sderot I didn’t sit in the wheelchair but in the regular driver’s seat, since that is how it came down from Petakh Tikva.  With the regular driver’s seat I have no problems.  I am uncomfortable driving it when I am sitting in the wheelchair in part because I end up sitting so high that I cannot see properly out the front window, or the rear view mirror.  Hmmm…  The other problem with driving while sitting in the wheelchair is that the wheelchair is not completely at one with the car.  It moves.  Only slightly, but it is certainly not the kind of security one feels belted into a proper seat that is bolted to the car.


Well, tomorrow, or rather today as it is now after midnight, I will find out what is supposed to happen.  I will drive to Be’er Sheva, or I won’t.  I will find a way to get into misrad rishui or I won’t.  And I will return home safely – or I won’t.  So, I can use prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes, or whatever is out there.  Hopefully everything will work out and I will start once again having some travels to write about.  In the meantime, be well and Gd bless.


5 thoughts on “I am planning to drive to Be’er Sheva

  1. Sending you good vibes from rainy London. I agree the vitamix is a game changer 😉 so nice to use. I love the way you say ‘miracles happen’. Wonderful words! Enjoy your Monday.

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