The work is the reward

I have all sorts of reasons for not writing here, and sometimes that means I don’t post when I should.  For instance, about a week ago when there were a handful of rockets, ‘booms,’ making our lives exciting.  And I am full of thoughts that I should probably write down, but somehow I just – don’t.  It is different when I have something specific to say – like when on a tiyul (trip, tour) or during a shooting war.


So much has happened and none of it is down here.  Where do I start?  I am not going to try and recall every noteworthy thing, I haven’t got enough brain for that.  I should note, however that:

  1. We bought a new (to us) used car, which has just today been insured, we are no longer car free in the country
  2. We bought and received a new Vitamix.  This is a huge deal as it allows me to have fresh, healthy meals and treats with little or no effort.  I am now drinking my breakfast (a berry protein shake), and have replaced Pepsi as a sweet treat twice in the past three days.  Pepsi is my downfall.
  3. Yesterday was middle son’s 25th birthday.  The saddest part for me – I didn’t get to tease him about being a quarter of a century old.  I don’t know why, but saying it that way sounds so much older – I’ve been teasing people with that one for decades.  Okay, I get it, my humour is a bit lacking.  🙂
  4. Still no word on the wheelchair van.  It is not like waiting for the van to be made ready, since I am waiting for the insurance company to make a decision how they want to proceed with this.  It could be a lo-ong wait.  Fortunately I am not fretting about it.  I don’t know why, I’m just not.
  5. There are construction workers working on the mamad (safe room) even as we speak (as I type).  They have been beavering away for a whole week now.  The progress is impressive, and we are promised that the room will be finished very soon.  I’m going to have a bedroom!  I kind of can’t wait.  😉

That is all I can remember right now, but it is far from comprehensive.  Also my relationship with The Husband continues to grow and evolve.  It is truly better than it ever has been, and while it is not always easy, at least there is progress and reason for hope.  You cannot imagine, after so many years (decades!) of neglect and abuse, what it is like to have faith in him, that he is going to do the right thing, and that things will continue to improve.  I’ve been married for 33 years.  I guess good things are worth waiting for?


My youngest daughter is returning from visiting her best friend in Canada this week.  I’m going to try and get her room set up today – as best I can.  There are things I don’t know where they are or where they should go, but at least she will come back to a bed and most of her stuff.  It is the least we can do.


So, if I am relatively happy and things seem to be working out, does that mean that I have nothing to share?


I have pages and pages that I wrote – back when – in the bad days.  Some of it is actually decent writing.  I want to see what, if anything I can make of that.  So I may be sharing some stuff from when I was young (and dinosaurs roamed the earth), and all of the good stuff was on the other side of a long road of hard work and an awful lot of pain.  What would I say to myself back then, if I could?  Hang on.  It does get better.  Really.  And – I can’t believe that I am saying this – it is worth it.  Not because of the ‘cash and prizes’ that I get from doing the work.  The work itself is the reward.  But I wouldn’t tell that to that younger me.  She has/had enough problems.


Anyone know how to make a *wry grin* smiley?  That is something that I need.  *very big grin*


Enough.  I would like to share some photos, but I’ve used up all the energy for today.  Another time then.  Be well and Gd bless

6 thoughts on “The work is the reward

  1. Congrats on 33 years. I, too, have been married for 33 years to the same guy, and I can say that marriage is not for the weak of heart. I’m happy that things are going well for you. Let’s hope they continue that way.

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