The wheelchair van that wasn’t – or rather, isn’t

It’s been far too long.  I’ve wanted to write, but I just couldn’t.


I did, eventually, get my w/c van, which might be a cause for celebration, except that it crashed on the way home, and is now sitting in a garage somewhere in Rosh HaAyin.  No idea when I might have it back.  In fact, no idea what caused the crash.  It could be me, I was pretty darned tired after spending more than five hours driving (first test-driving, then driving home in smaller chunks).  My middle-daughter and husband were in the car, and they say I did nothing wrong, so it might have been a fault in the car.  It is a fairly complicated critter, computer driven with more wires and connections than you’d expect in something not a space shuttle.


In any event, the car is not here, and I am.  No one was hurt except for I broke or sprained one of my baby toes (the one on my right foot).  I should have taken a picture, as it had some glorious colour the day after.  No other car was involved, thank goodness.  And so, it is all good, despite being a wee bit discouraging.  No, not even that.  I am more – done waiting.  I can’t be bothered.  The van will come when it comes.  We will all survive somehow.  And I just can’t be bothered any more.


So, TH took a few photos when the van was still new and pristine.  I share two here.  😉

IMG_1136 IMG_1138


TH is not a born photographer, but you can see most of the important points (my face not being one of them).


No tales of wild parties, freedom, shopping.  But I can’t help but be grateful happened where it did (most of the way home), how it did (that is no one was hurt, and we landed safely on the median strip), and that I am not devastated by the loss of my long-awaited transportation.  I guess you can get used to anything.  The powerful part is that I can still be happy.  My happiness is not dependent on a car, or money, or stuff.  That is pretty cool.


Just to end up on an extra-happy note, here is a silly photo of my cat Kitten, who came back:2015-07-30 22.21.10

The legs are TH’s.  I guess his face isn’t important, either.  🙂


Hoping I can write more, and something worth telling about, soon.  Be well, all, and Gd bless!


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