It’s a wheelchair van. Just not mine.

Today I got to go visit my wheelchair van.  Not really, but in essence if not in fact.  The company that is doing the modifications sent a wheelchair van (not at all like mine is (in theory) going to be) to take me to Rosh HaAyin.  That’s a small city over an hour away from here, where I suppose the main business is.  I’ve only ever gone to the Be’er Sheva offices before.  The ride was reasonably un-exciting.  As compared to my two other rides in such a conveyance, positively restful.  At no time did the wheelchair slide across the floor, or did any of the wheels come off the floor.  The seatbelt did come unfastened at one point, but youngest daughter and I were able to get it closed again with no particular fuss.

This driver really made an effort, for which I am extremely grateful.  He slowed down for curves; and even though he continued to drive while looking at his phone, drove off the side of the highway at one point, and backed down a highway ramp when he took the wrong exit, all-in-all I can’t complain.  If you only knew what the *other* rides were like…

At the Rosh HaAyin facility I got to see a wheelchair van that looks an awful lot like mine is going to be (if it ever gets to me…).  It already had a joystick installed, and push buttons for virtually everything you might want to do in the car.  There was a head plate for turn signals and the horn, and it generally looked good.  One sadness, the van that I saw there was a lovely silver-grey.  I said I would take a white van (I was led to believe it would be quicker than going for a colour), but I really like the silver-grey much better.  Well, five years after I (hopefully) get this van, I can get another one, and then ask for the silver-grey.  It’s not the end of the world.

While there I got asked loads of questions about what I can and can’t do, and will be able to have alternatives depending on how functional I am on any given day.  It really seems much too good to be true.  Only the fact that I continue to disbelieve in the reality of the van allows me to accept it all.  Someone measured my height sitting in the wheelchair and I signed three monstrous huge checks, and we were through.  It only took a couple of hours there.  The staff were supposed to be on their lunch break when we arrived, but one fellow saw me come in and postponed his lunch in order to get me started.  I really like these people.

Anyway, about the incredibly huge checks, they are drawn on my bank account, but I am promised that they will not be deposited until B’tuach Leumi has put the money to cover them into my bank account.  More money I am promised will show up someday.  The amounts are truly mind-boggling, and while you probably couldn’t buy a house for the total, you could certainly buy an apartment.  It’s a good thing I’m very happy in our rental situation (despite still having no bedroom/saferoom) and we are settled here for the long term.  There’s no money left in the whole country – that’s what it feel like.

I’d thought/hoped I might – as long as I had the services of a wheelchair van – visit my daughter who lives just fifteen minutes from me.  Unfortunately by the time we were headed home I was so tired I had to give up the thought, and when we did get home around 4pm, I just crashed.  I slept through supper – such as it was, with youngest son going to play soccer, and oldest son driving.  Woke up feeling completely depleted and spent most of the evening eating salty things and drinking water.

I can’t say I’m all better now, but well enough to sit up typing this before going off to bed.  Tomorrow is another too-full day, but at least it will all be at home for me.  I need the rest and recovery time.


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