Nir-Am Hike

Listening to Silence

So, what’s the worst sign you can come across while hiking?

Take a moment and try and think what you would least like to see posted on the trail you’re walking on.

Got it?

Was it worse than this?



This area under threat of anti-tank weapons.


I wasn’t actually worried. As such.

It wasn’t actually blocking the road, but pushed off to one side, out of the way.

תמונה2683And cars had gone past and none of them seemed worried. So I decided to continue.

תמונה2686תמונה2691The Nir-Am reservoir was very pretty.

תמונה2685And the lookout had an interesting map.

תמונה2692The flower watching season is (so) officially over, but there was still quite a bit of colour.

תמונה2705I wasn’t intending to take pictures and didn’t bring my camera. But my phone did it’s very best.

תמונה2700תמונה2698Even though camouflage and a moving bird were tough missions for the poor thing.

תמונה2693Pretty trees.


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2 thoughts on “Nir-Am Hike

  1. It’s Been A Hard Day Said Goodbye To Uncle Tony He Was A Veteran So Taps And They Folded His Flag And Presented It To His Daughter Samantha So Sad

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