A few photos

I’m utterly exhausted.  I’d intended to write more, but instead it’s going to be photos.  I wrote a long and emotional email to someone and the site I wrote it on ate the email, so I’m feeling all in.

IMG_0916 IMG_0914   When we moved into this house, there was no door here (at the back of the house).  This is photos of the new door installed and the windows screened in.  You can see in one photo the wood framing for the new safe room, the one that isn’t being built despite almost daily promises that the construction crew will be here and working on it today, tomorrow or the first day of next week, depending on when we hear it.

It is good to have a solid back door and screen.  We’re still deluged with biting flying things every evening, but the clouds are smaller now.

IMG_0924  My cat Kitten, at the old place.  She won’t come live here, she is more attached to the place than the people.

IMG_0951  My roses.  Looking a little bit withered because we are not watering them any longer.  Roses are native to this part of the world I understand, and they grow wild here, so there is some hope that they will survive until we can possibly move them – some time after the shmita year ends.

IMG_0978  View from the back of the new house.  The white donkey is Mara, our crippled female, and behind her is Shimi, a brown donkey, if you can see him.  The building is a shed that has been made into a little apartment for the landlady’s brother.  Part of our rental agreement is his right to live here.

And that’s enough for today.  Someday I hope to be settled (in my own room!) and able to write more, think more and generally function more but today this is what it is.  Doin’ my best in difficult circumstances.


One last note.  Apparently my last-but-one entry was my 100th post.  Excitement.  Be well, all, and Gd bless.