Moving on

Getting settled into the new house isn’t all its cracked up to be.  For starters, I have no bedroom.  In fact, it isn’t even being built.  The workmen haven’t been next or nigh the place since before we started moving in.  The Husband has been phoning the landlady every day, every – single – day.  She refuses point blank to give TH the phone number of the crew chief — absolutely no clue what that is about.

In spite of me having no bedroom, we have moved in.  I can’t use my computer which is set up in the salon because I’ve only the blanket chest to sit on, and it provides no side or back support.  I’ve no place else to put it, because I’ve no bedroom.  My bed is in youngest daughter’s room, which means that youngest daughter doesn’t have room for all of her stuff.  What stuff I have is scattered about – some in youngest daughter’s room, some in the salon, and a bunch in boxes and bins in tents we set up in the yard and in oldest son’s separate apartment.  It is a mess, to say the least, and confusing.

So here I am typing away on the small usb keyboard I have for the iPad, and doing a sight better than I did last time.  Starting to get the hang of things here.  We have one more large load of stuff to bring over from the old house, and the mazganim (heating/air conditioning wall units).  There was supposed to be someone here two days ago or yesterday to move the mazganim but they never showed up.  The guy did deliver the two new doors, but couldn’t install one of them because TH has to fill in with concrete some of the spaces around where the door goes.  TH is most likely going to have to ask our former next-door-neighbour to do it, as he is starting his new job on Yom Rishon, Sunday.

 The new job is the reason for all of the rush.  We technically have access to the old place until the end of June, but with the new job, we didn’t want the move to be stuck in limbo not knowing when or how we would be able to finish it.
The final load is all stuff that is going to have to sit outside, at least until the mamad is built.  The boards and posts from the mirpesset (deck or porch) that TH built – we are going to put up a new one here, it’s actually half-built already.  But the finish is going to have to wait until – you guessed it – the mamad is finished.  As it stands now, the water heater is blocking where the mirpesset should go.  We are going to buy a new water heater, but I want it installed on top of the mamad.  And so it goes…

There are also odd bits of furniture, extra bookcases (if there is such a thing as ‘extra’ book cases), my spinning wheels and some random flotsam and jetsam.  Another TH has to do is get in touch with people who can sell us a half-size (20ft) shipping container.  We’ll park it here and put the extra stuff in there for safety until such time as a) the mamad is built; b( I and all of *my* stuff is moved into it; c) sll the stuff belonging to youngest daughter is then brought in to her room and d) the rest of the household furniture is in the salon and on the deck.  After that, anything that doesn’t fit into the house or on the mirpesset will have to be downsized.  So frustrating having to just leave stuff lying around for possibly months, and all because the bloody crew chief seemingly can’t, or won’t, do the job he was hired to do.

 Mamadim are going up all over the moshav, some are finished, many are close to being finished, and here we have a single concrete slab just sitting there.  And sitting there.  And sitting there.  If they were at least showing up for work I’d feel better about it all.


And then there is the wheel chair van.  Anyone who knows me or hs been reading knows that there is a mystical, magical wheelchair van somewhere out there in the ether just waiting for the right moment to land on my head.  Apparently the right moment is elusive and far off.  I won’t even begin to go into the latest shenanigans.  Suffice it to say that the guy from the car dealership promised that the van would be at the conversion place today – like I’d believe that even if I saw it.  We are close to 100K shekel out-of-pocket already for this non-existant van that we were told would cost us virtually nothing as it is paid for by the national insurance.  Today we transfered that and more to the car dealership to get the bloody thing out of customs.  What next, this cripple wonders?

But, as there are no storms clouds without some sort of silver lining (at least as I’ve been told), something in the way of a minor miracle — now that I am no longer in the old house, trapped in my ‘prison cell,’ which is what my old bedroom came to feel like, I’m just not fretting about the van so much.  I still want it, don’t get me wrong, but for the longest time (three years, already?) the van symbolized escape, it was the only freedom I could imagine in my ever-more-curtailed life.  Waiting for the van was waiting for the escape from durance vile.  However, now that I live in this new, smaller, albeit lacking-a-bedroom house, that feeling of being trapped and in prison is gone.

Part of it is that I can get around this house in my wheelchair – or I will be able to once the mamad is built and all that cascade of moving things becomes possible.  Before we moved everything in I had a good time rolling around the place.  I can’t get into youngest son’s bedroom, the door is about 10cm narrower than a standard (for here) door.  And I can’t get into the bathroom, water closet, or to the back door in my wheelchair.  I think that I can live with all of that.

Yesterday with the new front door installed, and one screen mended, the house is largely free of flies and mosquitos, which made the first couple of day pretty awful.  We need to install a bathtub, there is onlly a rather small and awkward shower stall right now.

Oh, but TH is finished with the old job and starting a job which pays a living wage.  It is yet anohter thing that I am waiting for, but it feels more real and concrete than the other pie-in-the-sky notions, like a wheelchair van and a bedroom for me.  Of course we are going to spend the lion’s share of this increased income paying off all that out-of-pocket for the fantasy van and buying all the things we put off while we were surviving on short rations.   Eventually, though if the job works out, we should be able to do things like – oh, I don’t know.  Travel?  Save?  Probably unrealistic, but a person can hope.

Youngest daughter is out of the army, and youngest son won’t be going in for over two years, so we have a bit of a break.  I am guardedly hoping that – AFTER i have a bedroom and a wheelchair van, so we’re saying never I suppose – TH and youngest son and I can actually do a little bit of travelling.  The new job is supposed to include TH going to different sites in different countries.  He said as a condition of employment I would have to be able to come with him on trips.  I hope that works out for sure.

Ah, bah, I’m trying to write while my three kids are all chatting at and with me, so I’d better give this up for now.  My Kitten is sleeping on youngest daughter’s bed, Chamudah is on my bed, and it is all very cozy here.  So, be well, all, and Gd bless – I’ll be back!  🙂

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