Moving, part 2

I am largely moved in to the new place.  The computer is not acting well, driving me crazy in fact.  The trackball isn’t responsive, and I keep getting a message that my dvd drive is underpowered.  WTF?  I am too tired and whatever to figure it all out.  I’ve got a mess of spaghetti wiring that seriously upsets me.  I like to have all of my cords as sanely and sensibly organized as possible.  And it’s all in my face!  Ugh!


So, what can I do?  So tired I can barely see straight, we’ve been going straight out for so long now, … I can’t remember when it started.  Probably about the time we were informed that our landlord had sold the house out from under us.


The new house is so much smaller it’s amazing we kind of fit.  A bunch of our stuff is actually in tents on the ‘lawn.’  It is not a lawn, it is nothing like a lawn, but I can’t think of another word right now.  Lawns don’t have thistles six feet tall.  Not usually.  Fortunately the donkeys love thistles.  🙂  It is only a matter of time before all those tall prickly plants are converted into donkey poop – er, fertilizer.  And then there is a huge field behind us, not to mention an empty house with ‘lawn’ that is almost as tall as what we have here.  Donkeys will eat well for a while here.


We moved the last of the critters over today.  My cat, Kitten, is being a real pain.  If she is outside she cries at the door to come in, and if she is inside, she cries to get out.  I know that this is normal cat behaviour, but it isn’t normal for Kitten.  We’re going to have to figure out how to do a cat door somehow.  Tricky with metal doors and concrete walls, but something will work out I’m sure.


Part of the problem of course is that the mamad – the ‘safe room’ that is being built onto this house isn’t.  Isn’t being built.  We watch for constructions crews and none shows up.  We were promised the mamad would be finished by the end of April.  Now we are being told the end of May.  And still no workmen show up.  The mamad is going to be my room, so in the meantime I am sharing a room with my youngest daughter, which means neither of us has as much room as we are used to or really need.  And my stuff is in the salon, what isn’t out in a tent, and other stuff that would be in the salon is also out in tents, or in my oldest sons apartment.  *sigh*  These things never go as planned, but since we really didn’t have any plans, I guess that’s okay.  🙂


So tired, I’m going to go to sleep and not get anything else done today.  Sorry for short and uninteresting post, I’ll try to do better the next time I have the time and enough brain to sit down and write.


Well, the lion’s share of the moving is done, and it really is all good.  I don’t know how it happened, but I am truly grateful.  Tomorrow we will (hopefully) get the oven hooked up so we can cook for shabbot.  And get the television over here and working.  A shelf for the television to sit on would be good.  And sorting out the animals’ food bowls and feeding locations.  And I’d like a working drain on the shower.  I am just so demanding!  Didn’t I just say that I was grateful?  Well, and tomorrow is another day with more accomplishments, and (Hashem willing) a good rest at the end of it.


So be well, all, and Gd bless

2 thoughts on “Moving, part 2

  1. Sounds Like It Gone Pretty Good I Still Have Boxes In The Closet rom moving Here Hopefully I’ll Get To Go Though Them Someday And Throw Stuff Away! Love.Cindy

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