A Quick Update

And – presto change-o! – suddenly that bleak, black mood that had me is gone. What happened? I don’t know. This is one of the reasons I hate writing when I’m in such a dark place. It passes and then I feel foolish for spilling out all that awful stuff. Of course it is possible that spilling the yucky stuff out is one reason that the feeling passes. Who knows? I don’t.

Now I have a too-full day planned for tomorrow including company, a Hebrew lesson, and a trip to pick up new ‘work’ glasses. I have a dream, it’s not a big dream, that I might be able to thread a needle again. Say a prayer for me or keep your fingers crossed. Oh, and I have to pick up some pretty multi-coloured yarn to knit a washcloth for a friend. Something to look forward to! Oh, frabjous day! 😉

In any event, be well, all, and Gd bless.


2 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. I could have written in the last post, “This, too, shall pass,” but obviously I didn’t need to. Glad you’re feeling better.

  2. We All get into the dark don’t be afraid to feel it I think it’s part of healing I wish You had a Jim I too thought about going into a mental hospital about 2 weeks ago if I need to go I will I pray that You continue to feel better and things go Your way We all need that! Love,Cindy!

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