Silly socks and other things

I start with photos of socks, just because.
2014-08-31 11.45.03

2014-08-31 11.45.28

Socks I made just for fun, because I was tired of all of my current projects and the yarn was calling to me. I just finished a dishcloth, after finding out that we are pretty well out of dishcloths, so I’m going to be furiously knitting dishcloths for a few days – I figure four is a good functional minimum.

I’m still working on a blanket for myself, and I’ve begun a new project, making placemats and decorative furniture covers out of some lovely green, brown and tan linen yarn I’ve been hoarding for just this kind of things.

Now I only have two hands, so if I’m knitting all day, I really can’t be writing, or even reading much on the computer. So I can’t remember all the fun we’ve been having; but I do remember at some point yesterday talking to TH about how different I was feeling, and he immediately related it to feeling more connected. Connected to what? to real life, to whatever is actually going on, to being more functional. He says because it happened to him on Sunday. Whatever-it-is, it is definitely us returning to some sort of pre-war state, wherein we were more present in our lives, if that makes any sense.

One really doesn’t seem to be aware of being not present in one’s life, until suddenly it changes.

Another thing was that there was quite a ‘boom’ this afternoon. I haven’t heard any news, or seen anything about it, so I’ve no idea if it was a bomb, some kind of explosion either here or on the other side of the fence, or maybe even some blasting for construction. I think if it isn’t war related, then people ought to be considerate of what we’ve been through and at least make sure people know what is going on. And then again, it wouldn’t be the first time that a couple of bombs or rockets were ignored on our side in order not to rock the boat. We wouldn’t want the ‘cease fire’ to end just because they’ve fired at us.

I don’t know, I’m not assuming that it’s that. It is just that it has happened before.

I went for acupuncture yesterday – my blood sugar was through the roof, and I heard that everyone is having health problems – either chronic problems getting worse or new ones cropping up. Also that everyone has gained at least two kilos during the war. So I’m ahead of the game, not having gained any weight. I didn’t lose any, either, which I was doing before the war. I’d lost about a kilo every two months for a couple of years. So I’m guessing my not losing equates to other people gaining.

In any event it was nice to know that what I’m going through is normal, and I don’t have to panic and start taking drugs. Don’t like drugs.

There is a street fair that was to happen in Sderot, and was moved, and cancelled, and back on, and then postponed; which is (theoretically) finally happening on Thursday. I don’t think I’ll be in any shape to go, which is sad. I would have liked to. And it is still possible I suppose. Only my youngest daughter is supposed to be bringing her new ‘significant other’ to meet the parents, so that takes priority.

So much going on already and I really am exhausted, so that is all I can manage tonight. Sleep well, dream well, be well.

And another view of my silly socks:
2014-08-31 11.45.51

Just because. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Silly socks and other things

  1. That’s great sock yarn! What is it? I love the colors, but then I love boldly colored sock yarns. I knit blah ones for my husband to wear to work, but for myself I go wild. 🙂

    • It’s not an official sock yarn, it’s called ‘Igloo’ from TeDdY’s Wool. It’s one of the only wool yarns I can get in Israel. Definitely not for socks one would want to wear every day. 😉

  2. If you ever need sock yarn, do let me know. I have, alas, over the past few years indulged myself to the point of achieving what many knitters call SABLE — Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy. I’d be glad to send you a few skeins in pretty much any weight you want (I assume fairly lightweight since you live in a desert!). I have zillions of different colors, too; about the only color I don’t have hardly any of is orange because I just plain don’t like it. You have my private email, so please do let me know — I’d be happy to help out your sock addiction (and lessen my own a bit!). – Laura
    p.s. Your socks are Mardi Gras colored! 🙂

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