Education for life

Feeling a little bit scared about writing today. I made the mistake of reading some news before coming here this morning. So much hatred! Hatred of Israel, of jews. Jews being attacked in the streets of so-called civilized countries, and nobody cares, it’s not even reported.

Jews who have lived peacefully in countries throughout the world, who have not attacked others because of religion, or for any reason, who have taken second-class citizenship, who have contributed to countries’ economies by working, paying taxes, by their research and invention, are being attacked by people who hate them just because they are Jews, and the world says nothing.

Why are we (Jews) so scary? Why is it necessary to hate us, beat us, kill us, for being basically peaceful, and successful? I even read an article that attacked us for being so civilized, being ‘more Christian than the Christians.’ The person opined that we should just forget about the civilians and lay waste to the Gaza strip. Would doing that somehow make us more acceptable to the world at large?

I have no clue.

I also saw a political cartoon, in Hebrew, which showed the notebook of a child from the south returning to school. It said ‘what I did on my summer vacation’, and in the notebook were bits of shrapnel, a bullet from a Kalishnakov, and so on.

We don’t return to school in my home. All of my kids (that I raised) have been homeschooled. In the U.S. and then in Israel. My youngest is still technically in school, he is just turning fifteen in October. The difference (for us) between homeschool and away-from-home school is that the learning never stops. What my youngest son learned wasn’t part of a vacation, it was education for life. In his life he knows that there are people who hate him, his family, his people, so much that they will indiscriminately kill anyone and anything in order to do him harm. He learned that there are people far and near, people who he knows and people he has never heard of, who care enough to take him into their homes and make him safe. He knows that wherever he goes there will be good and bad, and also good and evil.

He missed out on playing soccer this summer (too dangerous to be outside), but learned a bit how to warm up and cool down when he goes for a run. He learned what it is to outgrow a friend, and that he can be happy, even if he lost every single game of a tournament. Just getting to play was enough.

We also watched an awful lot of Alfred Hitchcock. 😉

Yesterday was peaceful and quiet, I got a lot of rest and caught up on things that have been long neglected. I suppose after sleep, and rest, there is just about a small alpine mountain of stuff that has been put off and now needs to be addressed. And with the high holidays coming on. *sigh* There is no rest for the weary…

Listening to my iTunes music on shuffle, a song came on with a voice that sounded just like a distant loud-speaker for a tseva adom, and I just about jumped out of my skin. My heart was still pounding five minutes later when The Husband came in for something. I wonder how long such reactions will last? Days? Weeks? Years?

When we first made aliyah (moved to Israel to live), we met a woman in Karmi’el who had lived through Israel’s first Lebanon war there. While she was visiting with us, our singing tea kettle rang, and she just about went through the roof. She explained that it sounded like the rocket sirens during the war. I didn’t really understand then, not like I do now.

That was more than ten years after the 1st Lebanon war. So years is not only possible, it’s not that unlikely. How many permanent scars are there, and the war isn’t over yet. We have a ceasefire. Twice now we’ve acted as if a ceasefire is the end of the war. It isn’t. Even if we go forward with talks in a month, the war isn’t over until we Israelis can live our lives without fear of the continuous and unreasoning hatred that exists all around us.

Veering back towards what I have to write about, it is a bright day but quite overcast. I have a driving lesson today (not complaining about the ceasefire, no I am not). TH went to see a lawyer about a d.u.i. he got a couple of years ago. The lawyer has so far successfully kept it from coming to court; holding off until I have a drivers license so that we aren’t left without a driver in the house. Worth every agora (or cent) of his enormous fee. TH is not out of the doghouse over that one, not by a long stretch. *wry grin*

And so it goes. I need a bath, desperately. T.M.I.? Too bad. Life for a cripple means going without a lot of things, and sometimes personal hygiene is not up to a standard I might keep if I were not disabled with an invisible chronic illness.

On a positive note, I got up and walked to the kitchen and did a bit of cleaning in there, for the first time in I have no idea how long. I hope it isn’t more than a year. The kitchen has only been ‘man cleaned’ for almost all of this time. You don’t want to know. I could only do a very little bit, and had to go back to bed, but I’m hoping it is a sign that I am coming into a more functional period. One of the joys of M.S. as I have it is I just never know when, or if, I will be able to do stuff (or what stuff I will be able to do).

So today – knitting, driving, bathing. Catching up some more on this’n’that. Doing math with youngest son. Maybe learning a bit more Hebrew. My life still had good and happy things when the rockets were raining down, how much more of them should there be now? Just because sometimes you have to work a bit harder to find the good, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there and well worth the work.

I need to take a photo of the silly socks I finished so I can post it here. Maybe someone can remind me? *grin*


2 thoughts on “Education for life

  1. It’s interesting to hear the perspective of a Jew living in Israel.
    For someone outside the whole conflict, and completely ignorant of it, the first mistake is to pick sides. Nothing is black and white.

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