We cease, they fire

I am honestly at a loss to write about the last twenty-four hours. After the pleasantly quiet day, we started getting the rockets in the early evening, very unpleasant. I think we were fortunate, I don’t remember any rocket alerts in the middle of the night. I suppose I could have slept through them.

The Husband and I were taking a ‘date night.’ Generally we shut ourselves in my bedroom, play a rail game – a kind of board game involving ‘building’ track and running trains, delivering loads. We had a rocket as we were setting up, which worried me a bit. When the game is set up (on my bed) there is no getting me out of there in fifteen seconds. Fortunately the rockets held off for the game at least.

Today I mostly knitted, I couldn’t really do much else. First was waiting for youngest daughter to come home from base, after which TH and I were to jump in the car and drive off to pick up youngest son from my brother’s home. Just as we were to start pulling things together and heading out the power went out. It wasn’t just us, at least one of our neighbours had also lost power. TH phoned the power company, who hadn’t heard about any power outage around here. It took a while to get things going after that, and to decide to leave the two kids in the house (not kids, grown ups, but they are *our* kids) to cope with the electric company when someone showed up.

Just as well, TH and I left a bit later then we had wanted, also brought a dog along on the ride for fun. Picking up our son went without a hitch, and back home again to rockets, rockets and more rockets. We had just sat down to supper when the alert sounded. I brought my plate with me, it took us more than the allowed fifteen seconds to all get to the hallway with all the doors closed. Even with a bunch of practice, it is hard to just leave supper sitting on the table with the critters all circling to grab it as soon as our back are turned – or we are down the hall waiting for the bombs. Five minutes waiting for the all clear, and we are back in the salon just managing to eat a bit when the next barrage is announced. And so it went.

Supper tonight was fish, which really isn’t best eaten cold after several alerts, but what can you do? We also had garlic bread, melon, broccoli. Despite much of being eaten cold, it was quite tasty. Maybe one’s tastebuds are more active when one has run for one’s life? I don’t know.

I do know that when TH told us about the ceasefire – after another rocket attack, we were all variously skeptical, amused, doubtful. I’m not sure exactly when the ceasefire was supposed to actually have taken effect, so I don’t know if some of the rockets fired at us came after it started. I don’t suppose it really matters. Ceasefire or no ceasefire, we get rockets here. Sometimes more, sometimes less. After the last one (Operation Pillars of Smoke) it took weeks for the rocket fire to peter out after the cease fire. That’s why we joke: we cease, they fire.

Whatever. It’s been quiet since then, at least in terms of the rockets. I haven’t heard the guns firing, another blessing.

My thanks and prayers go out to the guys (and gals?) who man the Iron Dome batteries. I simply can’t imagine what it must be like, but I know it is hard, and gruelling, and they have gone so far beyond what should be demanded of anyone. We had an Iron Dome interception overhead, really close. D**n! those are LOUD!

What with the cease fire being on, or off, or on, we don’t know if there will be a street fair in Sderot as was planned, or an outing for people from the south, which was also mentioned. WE – our family here which is oldest son, youngest son, TH and myself, are taking ourselves to Superland amusement park tomorrow. Our sole bit of ‘real’ vacation this summer. Assuming the rockets stay stopped.

Expect me tomorrow exhausted, quite possibly sunburned, and with a bit of perspective after (hopefully) spending a few hours completely divorced from any of this.


One thought on “We cease, they fire

  1. We watch this on the news in New Zealand every night and your post has made the fighting a lot more personal than it otherwise would be by just seeing the never ending images in our news.
    I wish you well and offer up my thanks that I live in a war free zone.
    Thank you from a fellow knitter for this post.

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