First world problems

I think it’s getting to me again. No, wait, that was yesterday. So I guess I’m just starting to recover a bit from this unbelievable weekend.

I missed some of the very best of the bombing by driving youngest son to Beit Meier yesterday evening. The Husband drove, I rode along and I got to see my brother briefly. Then we turned around and came back home, without our youngest son who is going to be spending two bomb-free nights with my brother and has (hopefully) enjoyed his MtG tournament today.

TH and I stopped in Beit Shemesh for some shawarma before driving home as quickly as possible. Don’t want to be away from home when we have two of our children there and the bombs are falling. Still, it was more than three hours by the time we got home, and we’d missed three tsevei adom and apparently one enormous ‘boom,’ from us in Gaza. I asked the kids about the big boom, but they didn’t even notice it really, despite it shaking the whole house. I guess we have become too familiar with these things.

My youngest son didn’t sleep the night before, and ended up sleeping half the day away as a result. The rest of us, either from greater exhaustion or more practice sleeping through tense times are also having disturbed sleep, but we are at least able to sleep through whatever is going on.

Today has been mercifully quiet. We’re getting plenty of loud noise from the guns, but no rockets aimed at us. Really, if it is a question of us shooting at them vs. them shooting at us, I sure sleep better if it is us shooting at them.

I suspect I am starting to repeat myself.

What else is there to say? It was suggested that TH should try to get me someplace out of rocket range where I can meet up with my driving teacher so that I can continue to move forward there. TH and I tried to think of someplace that isn’t such a long drive as to be impractical but that isn’t also being hammered by rockets. I think we concluded that Beit Kama might work for that. Have to talk to the driving instructor to find out if it is possible.

The whole point of this – the driving lessons in order to get a wheelchair van – is that it is so difficult as to be virtually impossible to get me anywhere using a regular car. I can’t get in and out of one by myself, someone has to ‘transfer’ me to and from the wheelchair. The wheelchair has to be folded up and put in the trunk. I have to wait at any stop for the wheelchair to be got out of the trunk and put back together before someone can transfer me to it, leaving me sitting in a hot car often in the sun – dangerous even if one isn’t a cripple with a disease that gets worse when one becomes overheated. And all of this is utterly exhausting. So I have to go through all of this, wearing myself out, and turning a one hour lesson into a half-a-day trek, in order to be able, someday, to leave the house by myself, or at least with way less effort than is required today. Thanks for that, too, Hamas.

I’m afraid I simply haven’t anything exciting to say today. My cat, Kitten, has come in and is kneading on my lap making typing a bit more difficult. I’ve nothing I *have* to do today, laundry is caught up and I even think I got enough sleep last night, even if I could still use some more rest. TH and I (and daughter-in-the-army) watched the newest Doctor Who last night, staying up later than we should have. The dogs are chilling out, appreciating not having to run for cover (my short-legged black dog runs under my bed). It is really quiet in the house. Such a peaceful time, when in theory I could be gathering my thoughts and coming up with something really profound to write.

I think that most of my problems are really ‘first world’ problems. Outside of little things like the war, and having our house sold out from under us, I’ve nothing to complain about.

So I guess I’ll get back to work on the sock I’m knitting. Second of a pair of bright, variegated wool socks that will keep my feet toasty this winter. I hope.

Be well, and Gd bless

Update added an hour later: I hadn’t checked the news before I wrote this post. I now know that the rest of the country is not enjoying our quiet today. Rockets have been hammering the area, but for some reason our little moshav is seeing and hearing nothing of it.


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