After a disturbing night

Really loud and disturbed night. Much of the small hours of the night was full of sudden rattles of the house and sounds of door slamming. I couldn’t hear what was going on, I was mostly asleep, with the air conditioner on and music playing but having the door suddenly slam got my attention just as well as a ‘boom.’

A fair amount of rockets yesterday. Not as much as the busiest days but enough for us to have a good amount of togetherness in the hallway.

There was just, as I was typing that, a good ‘boom’ with attendant door rattling.

BTW, when I write about a door slamming or rattling, … none of the doors in this house actually fit, and close properly. So when there is something that rattles the house, the doors that are closed are ‘slammed’ against the thing (I’ve lost the word) that holds the door closed. Doors rattle all the time, but the ‘booms’ cause them to suddenly shift as far as there is play before slamming to a stop. Probably way more explanation than is needed, but I am a bit nutty about making sure I am writing a clear and accurate description of things. Maybe someday I’ll get over it.

In any event, we have planned to get the heck out of the area, in order to give our soldier daughter a tiny bit of a break, and a chance to hopefully have a bit of fun. In theory we would be leaving in fifteen minutes, but I’m not ready to go yet at 8:45am, so probably we’re leaving late. So it goes.

The weather cooled off enough here yesterday that I could sit out on the mirpesset (porch/deck) for a while, knitting, folding laundry, reading a bit and throwing a ball for my son’s dog Samantha. I wasn’t doing well enough to visit with the donkeys, which is sad, but I did get to see them and Shimi, my baby, ‘talked’ to me a bit.

I also managed a short walk, but it had to be a walk to the bomb shelter and back. Heard a terrible story about a man and a kid or kids who were a bit too far from the shelter when there was a mortar attack. He protected the kid (or kids), and is in hospital, pretty seriously wounded, because he was between the kid(s) and the mortar. It’s a pretty dramatic illustration of the opposites we have here – in Gaza they put the children between themselves and the guns and rockets, in Israel a man puts himself between the kids and the mortars. I know it’s a point that’s been made over and over and over, better than I could make it. It just hits home — very hard. I pray for the man and his recovery, he is a real hero. Not like someone who grabs a kid when running across a bit of open ground to keep the Israeli troops from shooting at him.

I have to run, if we are going to have any chance of getting stuff done today. Sundown is coming earlier 🙂 Shabbot shalom.


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