All a mess

I was exhausted enough to sleep last night despite the bangs and the booms. Today is a bit quieter.

On an interesting note ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ is) have decided not to sound the rocket alert if they are sure the rocket is going to hit in an open field. Okay, so what happens if they are wrong? This stuff is NOT 100%? And what about people who might be in that ‘open field.’ Farm workers trying to get in a harvest despite the bloody war for instance? There have been many, many fields which were not harvested, or where the harvests were ruined already. Food prices are going to go up with a vengeance, and the farmers are going to be hurting financially in a big way.

With all the boycott movements, can we count on being able to import food if we can’t produce enough of our own? We already import a huge amount of the food that Israelis eat (I’m guilty, I love me some English cheddar). What about the huge amount of food that we give to the Palestinians in Gaza every day? If we cut back on our gifts of food to them, I’m sure the world will cry out about it loudly, but what if the choice is feeding them, or us?

So it is all difficult, all interconnected, and all a mess.

It does mean we are getting less rocket alerts, and having to drop everything and try to get to a relatively ‘safe’ place less often – which I suppose is good in general.

We have a very full week planned because of a birthday, dating children, and my determination that we are going to have had SOME fun this summer. I hope that I am up to it, and I don’t collapse before the end. Tomorrow I hope to run errands in Tel Aviv and get some delicious fried chicken. Sunday I have a driving lesson, if the bombs don’t keep the teacher from coming. Monday youngest son wants to go to a Magic the Gathering tournament in Jerusalem. Wednesday we are planning on taking youngest and oldest son to an amusement park (Hashem and the bombs willing). Thursday is a street fair in Sderot, it is also the night we usually go to the folk club in Sderot, and it is the day that middle son has said he wants to celebrate his birthday (according to The Husband). That is a pretty full week.

I’m still feeling tired – one night of sleep is not going to make up for all of this, even if I do feel a mite better. I’m expecting a couple of girls to come over to practice Hebrew with in a little bit. Other than that I’m taking it really easy. May you day (all your days) go easily, too.


2 thoughts on “All a mess

  1. I hope you’re able to enjoy at least some periods of normalcy in the midst of all the chaos. My prayers continue to be with you and your family that you stay well and as safe as possible.

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