Quiet so far

I apologize if I left anyone hanging after writing of yesterday’s anxiety. I stayed up past midnight, and things remained quiet, but I was so tired I couldn’t write anything, and I slept in today for the same reason.

So, things are quiet. No rockets where I live. And no news. No news is no news. I’ve no idea how things are going in Egypt or on the other side of the fence, or in the army. Obviously I hope the quiet continues, but it isn’t a restful quiet, not when we don’t know what to expect – not that I’m complaining. I just hope for some news that may allow my youngest son to go back to sleeping in his own room.

Other than that, I managed a long-ish (for me) walk last night. Late at night when no one is about and especially if it cools off a bit I can manage a bit of a walk now and again. I love it when I can do it. I went several days without a walk, so last night’s was a treat.

One reason I need to walk after everyone is in bed is that I tend to wobble and stagger a bit. A lot, really. Having the whole road to stagger in makes it much more possible for me to go for a walk. If I have to try and walk in a straight line, along a narrow path, or among other people, it is much too difficult and tiring. A walker helps, but it is just easier to be able to let my body do what it wants, and at the speed that it wants to go.

I can’t go for walks much when the rockets are coming in at frequent intervals in part because I could never manage to get to shelter in the fifteen seconds we supposedly have. Sometimes we don’t get a whole fifteen seconds warning, more rarely but it happens we get no warning at all. If the current round of hostilities are over, and the weather starts to cool off, I’ll maybe be able to take more walks. Something to hope for.

That’s all. There is no news here. But all of us are grateful for the quiet.

Have a great day, unless you’ve made other plans.

Added later: I just found out the ceasefire has been extended another 24 hours. So it’s another day of waiting to find out what happens at midnight. Fun, fun, fun.


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