This ‘n’ That

Now we are waiting anxiously to see what happens tonight when the ceasefire runs out. Daughter-in-the-army is really nervous. The rest of us are coping with various degrees of success – oldest son seems unaffected, youngest son is bouncing off walls, alternately chewing my ear off and wanting to be left entirely alone.

I’m just sitting here with minor knots in my stomach. I *really* don’t want to go back to huddling in the house afraid to go anywhere, but just as much I don’t want this to end unfinished. Too many years we’ve had occasional flare-ups that end in an inconclusive pause in the hostilities, only to have the rockets start up again at any random time.

I couldn’t write about it much because I was too exhausted, but yesterday I had my first driving lesson using a joystick. The teacher wouldn’t come out while there were any active hostilities, but he did come as soon as there was a convenient day during a ceasefire.

These driving lessons are the beginning of me (hopefully) no longer being house-bound, but having the freedom to come and go as I please. When(if) I pass the driving test with a joystick, I can finally get a wheelchair van. One with a lift so I can roll right up in the wheelchair and drive without having to change seats. It is very exciting, and of course I want it right now !! but it will take somewhere between six months and a year I guess.

When I have a van that I can actually drive, I can take the kids to places we can only dream about now. I can visit people. I can go on tiyulim (outings, tours) to places that are at present out of reach. I will not be dependent on people having to get me in and out of a car that is really impossible, and driving me places only when The Husband doesn’t need the car for work.

I can go grocery shopping.

So I’m a little bit excited about it all. Of course if the rockets start again, the lessons stop. I can’t blame the teacher for not wanting to drive out to the shooting range (Gaza periphery), but oh, I want my van.

Not much else to say. My daughter the doctor o’Chinese medicine is coming down to give me acupuncture this evening, and The Husband and I have our ‘date night’ tonight. It’s all good for passing the time until the official end of the ceasefire. I wonder if they will wait ’til midnight to fire more rockets, or if they will jump the gun again?

My life is so filled with excitement, I may never watch a suspenseful movie again.


2 thoughts on “This ‘n’ That

  1. My daughter uses hand controls to drive (she has a rare form of dwarfism so can’t reach the pedals). She’s been using them for years, and learned very quickly. I mentioned to her that you were going to be learning how, and she asked me to assure you that it’s quite easy to pick up. I hope all goes well and you get your van soon! And I hope the cease-fire holds, too, even if it is inconclusive — at least you can have more of a normal life without all the rocket attacks. Take care!

    – Laura

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