Too tired and then some

It’s really late and I can’t write much. I’ve been extra-overwhelmed. While we are living through the latest ceasefire we dash around trying to get things done knowing that in another few days all hell could break loose again. There are little things and big things I want to get done. Little things are getting a bit more yarn to finish two blankets for two step-grandchildren; and getting my hands on some fried chicken. Big things includes taking the kids to an amusement park – trying to snatch a little bit of vacation from this disaster of a summer.

In the middle of all of this, the ceasefire has allowed me to begin to take driving lessons with the eventual goal of having my own wheelchair van with a lift that I can drive in my wheelchair. Today I took my first lesson driving using a joystick. It was rather exciting – my reflexes are all wrong in one way, and also the van is a much heavier vehicle with a much bigger and more powerful engine than I’ve driven in about a decade. There is a little bit of up and down on the road around the moshav, and I kept finding myself going too fast on the slight downward incline and finding it hard to find the right amount of gas for the uphill parts.

I think I did very well, and with a bunch of practice I feel sure I’ll be terrifying pedestrians all over the country. 😉

I’ve also finally made a visit to my sister, who is at present in a nursing home in Tel Aviv. I took youngest son to the beach for a very short visit. I am utterly and completely exhausted.

I can’t cram a whole summer into a couple of weeks, and I am trying not to try to. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be crashed and stuck in bed, so I must take it easier in the coming week.

We can’t relax, yet. Today at supper we were all trying to count how many days into the latest ceasefire we are, so we know what to expect when. Youngest son is still not ready to go back to his bedroom. Poor kid, finally got his own room, out of sight and sound of the rest of the family, and the bloody rockets have driven him back into the big house with us.

Well I am just about to fall asleep over the keyboard. Tomorrow is another full day, hopefully full of things like clean laundry, but only time will tell.


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