The end of the ceasefire?

I’ve had a busy day, a good day. I was able to get up and go out on the mirpesset and do some laundry – putting clothes in the washing machine, sorting loads of dirty clothes to follow, folding some of the clean, dry clothing. I needed help at every step, to take clothes out of the washer and hang them on the line, and so on. Still crippled, but oh it was good to be able to do something constructive – something that needed doing and that wouldn’t get done as well if I didn’t do it.

There was one loud distant boom today. We all had guesses, but no real clue.

Most of the day, at least the parts I’ve been awake, have been filled with a growing sense of anxiety. I’m wondering what will happen when the ceasefire ends tonight. Obviously we hope that the peace and quiet continues. Equally obviously we are a bit concerned about being woken up in the night with rocket attacks, something we have too much experience with.

My youngest son doesn’t feel safe in his own room, so he continues to sleep in the family room. It’s not like it is a whole lot safer here, but at least he can hear the electronic beeper warning us of rocket attacks.

Imagine if people in the U.S. or U.K. had to worry about whether or not there was a ‘safe room,’ before moving into a new home? At least older people in the U.K. can relate a little to what I’m talking about.

I’m tired of it. Tired of living like this, too. I don’t like it that it is ‘normal’ to worry about rocket attacks constantly. I don’t necessarily think it is a fair exchange for never having to worry about being mugged. *wry grin*

Ah, well, enough of that. It is late now, I’ll know in a few hours what happens next, and perhaps then I can go to sleep secure in the knowledge of what the situation is.


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