A war near you

It is almost noon. I’ve spent the last couple of days catching up a bit on my sleep. It is quiet, but there were some ‘booms’ last night. I don’t know what to think or to expect. No one else here seems to know any more than I do.

I think the war isn’t over. I don’t know if this particular round of fighting is. I’m going to stay put here, doing a little of this and a little of that. I wanted to go out on the mirpesset (porch/deck) and do some laundry, but that requires more cope than I can muster right now. I’m hiding out in my room, only the dog knows that I am awake.

I can hear birds chirping outside my window for the first time in weeks. They didn’t leave, but they became very quiet. There is a pair who nest almost directly outside my window every year, raise one baby, and go wherever it is they go when the rains come. One reason they nest outside my window is the drip from my mazgan (heating/air conditioning unit). It is also why I sometimes get to see hummingbirds hovering right outside my window. Sometimes it seems that the hummingbirds are trying to see in, as if they are curious about me.

There is also the occasional pigeon, but they have for the most part learned to steer clear of our house. Our cats love catching pigeons. 😉

The sun is coming out, but it is much hidden by the grey-yellow haze that is the residue of the guns firing. So my room is a bit lighter, but not necessarily brighter.

I’m tired and in pain, and tired of being tired and in pain. Some of it is just summer. Israeli summer and M.S. are really bad mates. Of course a lot of it is the war. And just life being hard.

I wonder if I can spend a day doing ordinary things like laundry, math with youngest son, knitting… Somehow it seems too much to ask for. So I continue to sit here and to pray, hoping that I will somehow put together the strength to do stuff. Not being really hopeful, but not giving up, either.

I hear booms —


And a tseva adom. Unfortunately I had to get to the toilet pretty desperately, so after a couple of minutes in the hall waiting for the all clear, I dashed around to the smaller bathroom. It’s just a privy, surrounded by walls, no windows. Safest place in the house actually, but there’s no room to stand, and only one person can be in there.

We had plans to go back to the Safari park tomorrow, but it seems that since the war is over (*snicker*) they have dropped the special prices for people from the south. I don’t know if we will try to do a different tiyul, or just hang tight and hope we can visit a bit with the neighbours. It is up to Hashem, I can’t decide and it isn’t today’s problem.

I’m rather distracted, not able to think clearly. Hard to sleep last night with the booms rattling the house, and hard to concentrate today with all the fun and games. Yeah but this is a ceasefire. You heard it here, first. ;-7

I’m going to watch some silly video on youtube and maybe get some more knitting done. Enjoy your day, whatever may be going on in a war near you.


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