It’s not a war, it’s an ‘operation’

I kept reading about the ceasefire, and wondering what they were talking about, having been woken up by a tseva adom early this morning; but it seems that the cease fire began *after* the rocket attacks. My heart is warmed. Or maybe not. There were reports of damage in our area after the attacks, but I haven’t heard any more, whether the damage was on our moshav, or what kind of damage.

It is Tisha B’av, and I am fasting. I didn’t think it would be possible, and as I didn’t fast last night I definitely won’t be making the entire 25 hours. Still, I am managing to fast and it makes me happy. Sometimes being crippled means being happy about things other people couldn’t begin to imagine. Like if I were able to clean the bathroom today, I would be almost ecstatic. Not happening, but I’m just saying.

I’m trying to take advantage of the quiet – not just no bombs, no rockets, no big guns firing, but also in my house where we are all pretty much holing up in our own spaces. That is often best during a hard fast day like today – no food, no drink, no music, no fun. It is a day of mourning, best we don’t have to face each other, particularly as the day wears on and one’s irritation threshold drops.

I know that one of my kids intended to use today as an opportunity to watch Hamlet – all four hours of it. It certainly doesn’t count as ‘fun.’ I’ve been reading news, getting things accomplished. Trying to clear out a backlog of projects I’m in the middle of — which is why I am typing here. It is hard to dig down and concentrate after months of not being able to concentrate on anything very much. It feels good to be able to sort of put on tunnel-vision, narrow the focus and dive into whatever-it-is, but it isn’t easy. I keep having to take breaks because my mind isn’t ready, yet. I’m so used to being interrupted that when interruptions don’t happen it feels incongruous, wrong, and so I surface from whatever I’m doing to figure out what is wrong.

Nothing. Nothing is wrong. But it will take a while for my mind and body to believe it. That assumes that the war doesn’t start up again in the next few. I’m not going to try to predict the future on that one.

So I’ve given up on getting done any knitting on the snood that requires absolute concentration without interruptions, but I am going to try and finish writing out the pattern. The snood is a lace pattern, and my design. It requires modifications to the original lace design I’m borrowing from, and I only actually wrote down the first few rows to get the pattern started. I need to have it all written down before I can finish one of these snoods. Maybe I can accomplish that today.

I also have a book I am typing in to the computer. It is an old book, a Scholastic Book Services book from when I was a kid. It doesn’t seem to exist any more, so I am typing it as close to the format in the book as I can, so that my kids, and maybe even their kids, can appreciate a book I liked so much. The copy that I have is literally disintegrating. The paper (before people used acid-free paper), not the binding or the glue.

Well, that’s what’s going on here. If, and it is possible, this is the end of the current round of hostilities, then I’ll have to wind down life during wartime, and go back to trying to blog about other things – knitting maybe, and places I visit. I’ll have to get out and visit places, and then I’ll have to find the time and energy to write about them. I wasn’t doing so good with that before the war, but a big part of the problem was motivation. I hope that I’ve gotten sufficiently in the habit of writing that I can keep it up, at least a little.

And of course if the hostilities resume, I’ve got my topic.

One doesn’t immediately resume normal life just because the bombs have stopped dropping, and the guns aren’t firing. It may take a while for us to get used to. Or maybe not. I guess I’ll, or we’ll, see.

Enjoy the peace and quiet. An easy fast if you are fasting. Remember the Alamo! Oops, wrong war. *wry grin* Be well, all, and Gd bless


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