Like a jack-in-the-box

Almost midnight by the time I am able to sit down and write something. It was that kind of a day. First there was the visit of the metapelet, my helper who got me dressed, brushed my hair, helped me with my Hebrew learning, made breakfast and lunch, &tc. She is a wonderful help, but by the time she leaves I am exhausted, tired to the bone.

Then there were the multiple tsevei adom today. I was feeling something like a jack-in-the-box, the way I kept popping out of my room into the hall where we meet during a rocket attack. One time I simply couldn’t get up. I was laying down on my side, having collapsed there. I can’t remember what I had just done, and it probably isn’t important. The rocket alert went off and I just lay there, to tired mentally, physically, emotionally to move.

I called out to the kids that I couldn’t get up. I don’t know if they heard me, and I don’t know if that is helpful or more worrying for them. Fortunately no rockets actually came near us and we resumed our ‘normal’ life yet again.

I read someplace that 30 rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza today. If so we received a significant percentage of them.

Tonight began the fast of tisha b’av. We put together a large-ish meal to try and prepare for the fast, but everyone was tired and it wasn’t much. I mean, it wasn’t fancy. There was plenty of food, thank goodness. Plain stuff: macaroni & cheese & tuna fish casserole, watermelon cut up, some pomegranate seeds (the start of the season for them), I honestly can’t remember what else. Good for a meal on a hot summer evening and the meal wasn’t interrupted by any rockets, thank goodness.

My middle daughter, the one who is a doctor of Chinese medicine, came down to give me some acupuncture, and to practice (I’m probably not going to spell it right) So-Tai, which is a Japanese method of treatment that makes it easier and less painful to move.

As a result of tonight’s treatment I was actually able to raise my left leg from the hip about half-an inch. More than I’ve managed quite possibly in years. Clearly I’m not all better yet, but it is pretty awesome to see even a small improvement.

And that’s what it was like here today. I’m too tired, really, really so tired, to even try and make a story out of it. HaShem willing, I will sleep in tomorrow and maybe make a tiny payment on the mountain of sleep debt. And for that to happen, I’d best try and get some sleep now. Good night, all!


One thought on “Like a jack-in-the-box

  1. I read about what’s going on and I watch the news here, but nothing captures it like your journal. Hoping for the best for you. Stay safe.

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