Not so hard to remember after all

Something happened last night, which I choose to think of as a good thing. I didn’t set out to have it happen, it just did. It is that whenever I hear a boom, whether it is an incoming rocket, or one of the big guns firing, or an iron dome intercept, or whatever, I say a prayer for our kidnapped soldier. I’d hear the ‘boom,’ and somehow my thoughts automatically went to him and his family, who are suffering what no family should ever have to suffer.

So, praying for him hasn’t been an effort to remember. And there is enough noise around here I am almost, but not quite, in a continual state of prayer.

It *is* quieter than it was (for instance) last week. I think because most of the fighting has moved south of us.

I’m really scared and all that I have to offer are prayers, so that is what I do. I don’t really know if it helps, I only hope. It helps me, a little. It is something, which is better than nothing.

I’m going to go check the news, as I’ve heard nothing since sundown yesterday, find out what, if anything, I’ve missed, and try not to get so caught up in it I forget to have a life. Knitting, writing, reading. Eating and sleeping. Washing dishes, and putting the donkeys in the shed. There is so much going on, and it is all important – not so overshadowed by the war that it doesn’t matter, but definitely less interesting to write and read about.

I hope all y’all appreciate all the good, quiet things you have in each of your lives. And if you aren’t having quiet lives, I hope things settle down soon.


2 thoughts on “Not so hard to remember after all

  1. I love to read the posts you write, thank you for sharing . I have not been writing as much at the time . There are many other posts by you I will post on later . It took me quite a while to figure out how to do it again . I am grateful for the ability to write about what happens in my life , and find it frustrating when Alzheimer’s knocks me down . Sending you many good wishes and Blessings . HUGS

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