Under a grey and hazy sky

For some of us, life goes on. For some of us, not so much. I am heart-broken and terrified for the soldier that was kidnapped. I am really scared about what this means for all of us. Especially him, though. I have to write myself a note to pray for him. I hate that my memory is that lame, but there it is.

Today was quiet with hot, thick, dirty air under a grey and hazy sky. The big guns firing made me jump more than once. The fear – there is no way to get away from the fear.

I was making plans with my middle daughter to get us all away for a day here, a short trip there. It’s terribly important that while it is possible we go someplace where we aren’t under the clouds of war, the rain of rockets, for a while.

I haven’t a lot of time, trying to get everything done before sundown. We will welcome in the sabbath tonight, as we do every week, war or no. It will be the very last thing that we lose, if it ever gets that bad. I doubt it will. That is one reason for the modern state of Israel, why we live here. Because no matter what happens on this war-scarred planet, never again will we Jews have no place to go.

I’m stressed for time and not picking my words carefully. So it goes. I’m also stressed about personal relations and the situation. Plenty of stress to go ’round.

I’m praying for everyone to have an easy and a peaceful shabbot, and if that is not possible, that everyone remains healthy, and whole.


3 thoughts on “Under a grey and hazy sky

  1. I am sorry our present government is not assisting you and your country as it should be. Many American’s have forgotten our obligations. With liberals such as Obama in charge, they are more aligned with the terrorists, rather than Israel, which harm not only you, but ourselves in the long run. I do not pray but will send good thoughts in your direction and write to my representative in Washington telling them to provide more support and protection for you and your country. I am a member of Lamps also.

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