Real life

Guns are really loud last night and today. I didn’t sleep well and woke up with a crappy attitude. I suppose that is to be expected. I had to be grumpy for too long before I was reminded that life is good. Some days are like that. The reminder included the fact that there might be a delightful treat in my near future. No more about that until/unless I know more.

My youngest son is stranded in Jerusalem, the bus he was to take didn’t show up. I’ve no idea what is up with that. They changed the schedule? I just don’t know. He doesn’t have a phone, which is more worrisome. He is supposed to have a phone of his own, but things keep coming up to put it off. And now he is alone in J’lem at the bus station, not knowing what to do to get home. I left a message with my brother, don’t know if he is there or can help. *sigh*

The big guns are not helping me to be calm and cope.

The Husband is on his way home now, he wanted to come home to talk about it before deciding to do anything to help our son. I suppose a case could be made, but I would really rather he didn’t come the twenty minutes


They are home, and my brother is trying to find my son, and I am freaking out and I just can’t cope.


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