Crazy thinking

I haven’t been able to write anything all day – in fact I haven’t been able to do much of anything today. Started the day off right, with a tseva adom. I couldn’t get out of bed, I literally couldn’t even turn over. So I grabbed a pillow and put it over the back of my head, sort of. And prayed. And fell back asleep.

Woke again to another one, still couldn’t get up, but I was functioning better. I called out to my kids that I couldn’t get up – I don’t know why, I thought it would worry them less? Crazy thinking, or not thinking clearly, for sure.

Kid. I only had one kid at home, my oldest son who is no kid, even if he is still my kid.

The Husband drove youngest daughter to the base so she could put in another hard, crazy day, and bought some wipes so I could have a bed bath today. Wasn’t making it to the shower, or the bathtub. That was clear right off.

The metapelet came, and after a little while I was able to turn over with help. A little while longer, and I managed to get up enough to eat breakfast. A bit of a rest and I could cope with getting washed and dressed. A breather after that, and we read some Hebrew children’s books together. I finished one and read an entire book after that. So, progress. I still can’t converse with people, but it take what time it takes, I guess.

I feel like I’ve been frantic all day, and nothing is working. Youngest son is going to be leaving the people he is staying with to visit with his uncle (my brother) for a night, then coming home for Shabbot. We are all looking forward to this.

The boomings had died down for a little bit, but things were a bit more noisy here today. Good news is, the last tseva adom we had, I made it up and into the hallway. Not quite before the first ‘boom.’ The 15 seconds they say we have is sometimes a bit optimistic. But anyway. It was a long one, as the count had to be restarted when they launched some more rockets.

I was on the phone with my sister at the time, my sister is in a nursing home in Tel Aviv at this time. So I took the phone with me and we chatted while waiting for the all clear. I mostly told her about youngest son, where he is and where he is going. She talked a little bit about her hopes and fears about going to a physical rehab – which I guess she is scheduled for soon.

I’ve been making the arrangements for where youngest son is to go after shabbot if things haven’t quieted down. I have a friend up north, in the lower Galil (Galilee) I think, who says she has room, and is going to try to arrange things for him to do while he is there. It is a lovely place, and I know he will be comfortable there. I just really hope it isn’t necessary. Ever the optimist, I refuse to shut the door on the hope that things will quiet down soon.

Of course I do want the army to finish the job that it started. As long as the army went into Gaza, it doesn’t make sense to leave with the job half done. But I can hope for a miracle. The modern state of Israel was founded on miracles, so what would be the harm in one more?

Anyway, the guns have been firing, and there was an Iron Dome intercept overhead that shook everything. I was on the phone at the time and I had to stifle a small shriek – it took me by surprize, the noise. Iron Dome interceptions don’t sound like the booms from the rockets from Gaza, or like the noise of the artillery, or like anything else I guess.

In the middle of all this, we’ve temporarily acquired a fifth donkey. She’s a lovely lady, looking to get a child off of one of our boys. I haven’t seen her in person Our youngest donkey, Avimelech on the left, and the new girl on the right[/caption] yet, but oldest son took a picture of her so I know what she looks like. I don’t know what her name is.

The donkeys are doing fine with all of this. They don’t like to be outside at night, but other than that they act as if they are not affected. Good for them, since I don’t know what we could do for them if they were scared, or upset.

I keep hoping that the hard part of this week is over, forgetting that the hard part is whatever part I am in the middle of when I can’t do the stuff I need and want to do.

Some photos because even in the middle of a war, it’s not all about the war:

Our youngest donkey, Avimelech on the left, and the new girl on the right

Our youngest donkey, Avimelech on the left, and the new girl on the right


Blanket I knitted for oldest grandson.

Blanket I knitted for oldest grandson.

Be well, all, and Gd bless


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