A little of this, a little of that

So the metapelet didn’t show up yesterday, because one of her kids was sick – I think. Something to do with her kids. It worked out okay, though. The Husband gave me a bath when he got home from work, and washed my hair. There was some hijinx, such as when he smashed his coffee cup on the bathroom floor in the middle of washing my hair. The really amazing thing is that the tseva adom held off until I was out of the bath and dressed! There I was, sitting in the bath, waiting for TH to finish cleaning up the broken glass and coffee, and imagining the next rocket, and, it didn’t come! 🙂

So here I am with clean hair (although not brushed out – that will be later today) in the clothes that I slept in and only about five hours of sleep. Uninterrupted sleep, but not enough. Seems to be the way of it.

There are pauses between the banging of the big guns today, enough so that I can hear individual guns firing. Sometimes they are so loud the concussion shakes the house and causes me to jump. I don’t notice the quiet until one of them fires, and then I notice that it hasn’t been going on constantly. I hope this is a sign of things continuing to get quieter.

My daughter in the army had guard duty last night, so I am hoping that she is able to come home early today, and maybe even get some sleep. I’m not sure what is better, here where she will be interrupted by any tseva adom, or at our friend’s mamad, where the artillery sounds so much louder. I guess I’ll leave it up to her when she gets home.

On a completely different note, I’ve finally gotten all the paperwork so that I can begin taking the lessons for driving with hand controls. I need to learn how to drive with a joystick (!!! I think that is so cool !!!) before I can get the wheelchair van. I’ve been trying to get one for almost two years now, and it just might finally be happening. With a wheelchair van that I can drive in my wheelchair, I can go where I want when I want. Within limits, of course. Wheelchair accessibility isn’t so widespread as you might think, or I would like.

Still, I have the blessing of living in Israel where I can always count on passersby to be willing to help. My favourite story around that was going to a tekkes for my son, then in the army, where I had to get up about a zillion steps (I think it was fifty or sixty in one flight) to be able to watch the ceremony. Someone just grabbed five of the soldier that were milling around and told them to get me up the stairs, and the each grabbed some part of the wheelchair and up I went. It was a little bit like flying, but, I think, scarier. At the time, now I remember it as a wonderful adventure.

But – I digress. 🙂 Someone is coming out to see me today (so grateful for all the people who are not put off by the bombs and still come out to help) to help me begin the process of getting the lessons. It isn’t only that the paperwork is all in Hebrew, it is that the process is so arcane that only a very few special initiates have a clue how to do this. I exaggerate, but only slightly. My middle daughter is coming down to do acupuncture on me, and also to be present for the meeting so she can write it all down and then tell me what to do step-by-step. I literally don’t know what I would do without her. I’m sure Hashem would provide somehow, but … Anyway, thanks love!

I’ve read time and again about people in war situations and the hardships that they endure, but I’ve never read, or at least if I did I didn’t notice, that lack of sleep is a major problem. Adrenaline carried us through the first week or so, and then I started to notice cognitive effects on all of us. Now I *can’t* sleep even when there are no rocket alerts. When I was awakened at about 7:30am, I could have gone back to sleep – at least in theory – except that couldn’t. I tried to nap yesterday, and that also didn’t work out.

The Husband staggers about, he does better than the rest of us, but he always seems to cope with physical difficulties better. Oldest son sleeps at all sorts of odd hours, now being one of them. Drat! he slept through the house phone ringing and I can’t get up to answer it. I hope it wasn’t important.

Youngest daughter and I just pretty much don’t sleep, or not enough. I would think that eventually exhaustion would come to our rescue, but it hasn’t yet.

There are helicopters in the sky but I can’t see them. They just passed over my house, I think. Helicopters overhead is something not new to me, and not just in Israel. I used to live on Lake Michigan, and helicopters would regularly pass by, and sometimes even look in the windows. I’m assuming they were people in training from Great Lakes (Naval training base), but I never really found out.

I guess I’m rambling now, so I’ll stop and try to get some more work done on a lace shawl I am knitting for my middle daughter. It is in a lovely blue bamboo silk yarn, and is a delight to touch. I am also (and at the same time) working on two snoods, one for me and one for oldest daughter, a blanket for me, and I’ve just begun a blanket for my youngest sort-of-granddaughter. She is the half-sister of two of my grandkids, and I’m knitting for all of them. So that is what I do when I’m not running for cover or typing on the computer.

Be well, all, and Gd bless


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