A quiet morning

It was a quiet night, which is to say, no rockets fired at us that set off the tseva adom system. Plenty of big booms and other strange noises in the sky.

None of us got a full eight hours I think, but having uninterrupted sleep is a blessing few besides new parents can truly appreciate. I didn’t say that right, parents of young children? Anyway, not important.

I spoke with someone yesterday who was researching the situation for people with disabilities during the current conflict. It is hard for me to know what sorts of issues are actually disability related because I don’t know what it is like to *not* be disabled while being bombed. I lack perspective.

I did talk a bit about the week from hell, when I couldn’t digest anything properly and we couldn’t find foods that I could get down for love nor money. Me not digesting my food is an old problem, but my family having to go from store to store under bomb threat in the hopes of finding something I could eat, or having me sitting here trying to get down whatever was in the house in the hopes that some of it would turn out to have some nutritional value … .

*I* don’t know if products not being in the store was due to the rockets. I don’t know if I would have had just as much trouble in a cease-fire. I do know that The Husband eventually tracked down some liver sausage up in Ra’anana, quite a distance away, after which eating became much less fraught. For whatever reason I find liver sausage easily digestible, and it is full of nutrition, perhaps as full of nutrition as it is absent of taste. Fortunately, there is mustard. 🙂

There are other problems, like me not being able to get out of bed sometimes for the rockets. If we had a safe room that would be less of a problem, I would just live in the safe room. Of course, if we had a safe room, we would all be safer, and more comfortable during alerts, and anyone who wanted to could sleep there and have a good night’s sleep. Disability related? Or just the situation? I can’t make those calls.

So I just talked generally about what it was like. Not having had a rocket alert for the past twelve hours makes me feel like I might have overstated the case of how bad it’s been, but I always feel that way when the emergency is over. ‘It wasn’t that bad, why did I have to make such a big deal about it?’ It’s kind of insane to say it isn’t that bad because we only had six or seven rocket alerts yesterday. Sure, it could have been worse. I has been worse. But, really, I think six or seven is bad enough. Particularly when they are so timed that it isn’t possible to get a full night of sleep.

I feel very lucky that my metapelet (p.c.a.) still comes regardless of the war situation. There are people I feel sure would refuse to come here under the circumstances. She will be here shortly, and hopefully I will get a bath and my hair washed. Personal care has definitely suffered during this round of hostilities, but I suppose that is true for everyone else as well.

In any event, I am truly grateful for a night without a rocket alert. Truly grateful as well that youngest son is now safe with some friends on the other side of Israel. It is interesting how what is safe changes here.

Well, the sun is shining. There is a bit of haze from the big guns, but not so much as there has been other days. My dog is cuddled up to me on the bed, the cats are out causing whatever trouble they can come up with, the donkeys are eating, the chickens are (for the moment) quiet. TH went up to work at the office today, which is in Hod HaSharon, quite a trek. And I am looking forward hopefully to taking a nap after getting a bath. A person can hope.

I haven’t checked the news yet this morning. Here’s hoping, also, that things are genuinely quiet, not just the relative quiet we have here in our tiny little corner of things.

Be well and Gd bless


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