Enough is enough

Which is to say that something had to give, and we are making some changes around here. Youngest son is going to stay with friends who live in Ma’ale Adumim. There are, as far as I can tell, no rockets there, and their lives are normal and peaceful.

A friend of ours whose family has left the area has offered that we, that is, anyone in our family, can sleep in her mamad (safe room) if we wish. The Husband is hopefully going to get the key later on, and youngest daughter, the one in the army, is going to sleep there if I have to lock her in. I may go sleep there as well. We’ll just have to see how it works out. But even one night in which one can just sit tight during any rockets, and also further away from the artillery, would be such a blessing.

My daughter has guard duty at her base the night after, which is another night of no sleep, so this comes at the best possible time.

In the middle of all of this, I’ve gotten my blood sugar down below 200! Middle daughter and I were joking about it a little bit – come live in a war zone and lower your blood sugar! Of course it is no such thing. We’ve been working on the blood sugar for months. I refuse to take the drugs, which really are so contra-indicated I can’t imagine how a truly well-meaning physician could in good conscience recommend them.

I’ve altered my diet, taken a few more walks, and my daughter has used acupuncture on me, all in the direction of lowering the blood sugar naturally, and it has worked. Blood sugar below 200 is officially ‘pre-diabetic,’ according to my daughter. Although in my case ‘post-diabetic’ would seem to be more accurate. I haven’t even give up all drinking of soda and eating of sugary treats – although I have to admit that whole piece of birthday cake I ate last Wednesday was over the top. I’ll try not to do that again. 🙂

So last night was a bad one. Multiple tsevei adom (that’s the plural in Hebrew, transliterated) that kept us popping in and out of our rooms almost all night. I can’t remember if I made it out of bed for the one at about 5:30am, but I know I didn’t make it out for any later ones. The legs weren’t moving, the body had given up. I’m a cripple who starts the day out bad, gets better throughout the day until I run out of energy, and then am useless until sometime after I get up the next day. Reliable that way. So morning tsevei adom are a problem for me.

I covered my head with a pillow, which my sister, who is in a nursing home in Tel Aviv, tells me is what they do for the bedridden during a rocket alert there. And I fell back asleep. That’s what enough tired can do for you.

Sadly I didn’t wake until my middle daughter phoned me after 12:30pm. So I missed about half of the day. Much of the grey smoke that hung in the sky seems to be dissipated and there is some blue sky as well as white puffy clouds out my window.

My middle daughter had the unenviable experience of being in the shower when a rocket alert sounded where she was visiting. It makes me a little bit leery to get into the bathtub. Sundays I usually try to get a bath, which is when my hair is washed. Personal hygiene suffers during wartime. *wry grin*

Sounds like there is a catfight going on outside my window. Normal life is not entirely suspended for the duration.

It’s going to be a busy day for TH with the driving. He has to get the key for the friend’s mamad, get youngest daughter when she gets off work at the base, and theoretically drive youngest son to Ma’ale Adumim some time this afternoon/evening.

I’ve got nothing to do besides work at my knitting and try to stay relatively sane. Having the kids sorted is something of a relief, a bigger one when it is all actually taken care of.

Oldest son says he does not want to leave. That’s fine, and he is very good at taking care of things. Life will be easier all ’round when all we have to do is make sure the critters have food and water, and look out for ourselves.

In the middle of all of this, TH and oldest son are both carrying on working as usual. Amazing.

I hope this doesn’t last too much longer. I hope youngest daughter manages to get some sleep. I hope and pray that there is as little injury and death as possible. May there soon be peace.


3 thoughts on “Enough is enough

  1. I read the news about Israel’s latest bombings in Gaza this morning, and as soon as I was done studying rushed to your blog to see if your family was safe. I’m glad to see they are for the time being, even if safe probably isn’t the best way to put it. Moving away from the Gaza periphery for however short an amount of time does seem like a good idea. My thoughts have been with your family all day as I studied, and they will be always. Yours is literally the only blog I’m reading today. On a lighter note though, congratulations on the lowered blood sugar 🙂 *love and hugs* heading back to exams 😛

  2. Thank you so much! I am much relieved that my youngest son is going to be someplace safe, although I miss him terribly already. Both The Husband and I can rest easier knowing that the children are taken care of. ❤

  3. I have read in several places that the best way to lower blood sugar is to cut out consumption of carbohydrates. This will force your fat cells to give up their stored energy as ketones instead of glucose. I admit it sounds a little extreme, but from all the evidence, it seems to work. You can eat all the protein (animal and vegetable) you like, fats, nuts, green vegetables and some fruits. I applaud your efforts to get your blood sugar under control without using drugs. I believe that the body becomes dependent on them and never learns how to self regulate. Good luck!

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