Quiet Monday

I am not sure of the correct protocol – do I respond to everyone who contacts me regarding my blog and have no time left for writing it? Or do I write the blog and let interested readers go unanswered?

Me, I think it is just awesome that I am getting as much response as I am. I never expected it. So thank, readers, for giving me so much encouragement.

We are on day 3 of no rocket alerts here, counting from Saturday morning. While we may get ten times as many rockets launched at us as a city (not counting Sderot), we are small potatoes, and so when they are trying desperately for what they consider a victory (hitting a hospital or nursery school for instance), they pretty much leave us alone. This puts me in a position of not knowing how I feel.

I certainly am not happy that they are targeting much more densely populated areas and that more people are being injured and made homeless – not to mention those that end up hospitalized for shock. But – how can I not appreciate sleeping through the night two nights running and waking up beginning to feel just a little bit normal?

We still worry when any one of us is out. The Husband went in to work today so the car wasn’t here to pick up daughter-in-the-army from the bus stop 5km away. She got home safe, thank goodness, but still I worry.

Our driving is a bit restricted. Nothing big, but we do find ourselves on occasion being redirected from someplace we would ordinarily go, or having parts of the area blocked off.

Then there are the ‘monkeys with the Nikon’s, all of them pulled up outside of Kibbutz Sa’ad pointing their cameras across the border. It is one way to make sure that they never see the effects of the rockets being shot at us.

It continues quiet here, thank goodness, and there is a sudden role reversal as I am now sitting here in (relative) safety praying for those in the rest of the country that are being targeted. The Husband is going to continue working from home whenever he can however. This is not over.


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