Very late Saturday

Or, I suppose it is technically Sunday, being after midnight. I’m very tired, but we managed to take some photos of us all in the hall in the centre of the house, our ‘safe’ place. It amazes me how much more room there is in the photos, we don’t look at all ‘squished,’ which is how I feel when we are all there.

Photos are taken from opposite sides, pretty obviously there is no getting the whole hall into a photo. One photo has two daughters and oldest son. The other is The Husband, youngest son, and I. I’m not exactly dressed for public. Ah, well.

(Added later) I just noticed how small I look standing next to TH and son. I am really quite large. Interesting



We had an awful lot of rockets yesterday, and some after sundown to make it all more interesting. The dogs got into a fight, stressed by the whole thing I suppose; so instead of staying together being ‘safe’ in our hall, some of us were fighting to separate the dogs. And then cleaning up the mess from the fight.

Today was fairly quiet, with only two alerts that I can remember. I couldn’t move, couldn’t get up to go to the hall, so I put a pillow over my head and stayed in bed. We all finally got a bit of rest with the quiet day, here’s hoping this is a trend.

And it is too late for anything more. I am taking youngest son to a Magic the Gathering tournament tomorrow, someplace out of rocket range.


2 thoughts on “Very late Saturday

  1. The magic gathering much have been fun for your son 🙂 I know it’s really popular here in the states among my college mates! I can’t imagine what it must be like living in a warzone with rockets flying overhead at all odd hours of the day. I’m glad I found your blog though. It’s making me reconsider how much I take for granted in life.

    • Thank you, I think he enjoyed the game very much. I think I started writing this because so many people don’t know and can’t imagine. Of course it is a bit different for everyone, but I’m doing my best to present what it is like for me, here, now. I’m glad you like it.

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