Shabbot Shalom

I’d been debating whether to try to write a post before sundown, which is only a few minutes away. Until there was another rocket attack. And then another. We’re going into our shabbot stressing about getting things done (getting water to the donkeys, finishing preparing food for our shabbat supper), while having to run for cover over and over again.

Is this in preparation for a Sabbath break, or an indication of what our shabbot is most likely to be like? I can let you know tomorrow night, assuming we’re all still here. I’m thinking we probably will be, but, it is scary.

No rockets whizzing right past our house as they did a few days ago, they are going by overhead. We see the planes dropping flares and then the bombs come. Are the flares, designed to decoy the missiles away from the planes, leading them to target us? Is it coincidence? We may never know, here in our little corner of creation. A tiny moshav that nobody minds about, where our neighbours grow potatoes and peppers and organic oranges.

We have donkeys and chickens and cats and dogs. We don’t bother anyone except our neighbours who occasionally complain about the critters.

Tonight it will be very easy for me to remember to pray. If you are a praying person, please remember us in your prayers. Right now it’s feeling way scary. Thanks.


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