My first post on living here during the bombing I mentioned how unhelpful it is to try and write hysterically about the situation. Then yesterday I got a bit hysterical. Not sure what can be done about that, other than to try and work the hysteria out someplace else before coming to write here. Because we are being bombed, and people are trying to kill us and that’s a fact.

However, life goes on, at least until it stops, and it hasn’t stopped here for me and my family yet. Last night was reasonably quiet between the rockets of the evening and the ones that started up this morning something after 7am. I actually might have gotten a full night’s sleep. Not enough to make up for a week of disturbed nights, but it’s still better.

This morning would have been very funny if one were watching it on a comedy show. TH went to take a shower, but there was a rocket alert, so back out into the hall he came. Then he ducked into the shower real quick between alerts. Youngest son had also to jump into the shower real quick before the next rocket attack. Oldest son was to head out to pick up youngest daughter, coming home after spending the night on base, only he had to rush back for yet another rocket.

I heard the first alert, but my legs weren’t working. So I decided to just ride it out in bed. My bedroom is on the far side of the house from Gaza, so it wasn’t as insane as it might have been. Second alert caught me, again, in bed with my legs not yet willing to move. Third alert I didn’t even try. So I dozed between the alarms, and listened to the fun in the hallway outside my door.

By the time youngest daughter was safely home I was able to get up with help and get to the toilet. TH helped me to dress, and dashed off to do some shopping and pick up my middle daughter in Ashkelon, where she has some business to transact at a bank there.

And that is where things are at. I am waiting for TH and my middle daughter to make it back safely, obviously a bit worried, but trusting that we’ve all come through so far, and no reason it shouldn’t continue. It’s a fine edged balance between faith and fear.

My daughter in the army can’t go anywhere to get away, or to have fun, while she is off-duty because she has to be available to be called back at any time. We were planning a couple of short trips up north, one to Neharia, because we visited it once and really liked it; and one to a water park in the north. Both have had to be put off, which is ironic because this would seem to be a perfect time to get the heck out of here and go away for a bit. But the train has been shut down between Ashkelon and Sderot, and so we can’t easily get to the train to go to Neharia. And arranging for someone to come and care for the critters while we go to a water park isn’t so easy during wartime.

Not much else to say. It’s a reasonably pretty day, the sky is blue outside my window, the air conditioner is keeping my room habitable. There hasn’t been a rocket attack for about an hour now. Both my cat and dog slept on me last night, which was kind of nice. It is good to be loved. 🙂 And so it goes.


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