I’m back

For some reason yesterday I was feeling quite discouraged, and unable to write here.  Today, suddenly, I am again energized.

I want to be consistent in things, but either because of my disabilities, or because it is someone else’s will, not mine, I live on an amusement park ride in which some days I can do things, and some days I can’t, and I can never predict which it will be.

Learning to live like this has been challenging, but the results have been wonderful.  I am a happier person, better able to accept and appreciate whatever life throws at me.  My life may look pretty pathetic to some outsiders, but that is their lack of vision, not my loss.  Sometimes, on really bad days, my life looks sad to me, too.  Then I just need to remind myself of all that is wonderful in my life.  If it is a sunny day, like today, I start with the sun shining in my window.  I love the morning sun like nothing else.

Just some photos:

The Husband:


Haifa Center חיפה מ:


Azrieli Towers, or Azrieli Centre, as seen from the Tel Aviv – Azrieli station platform.  Not your usual view.


Will you look at the front of that train?  It looks very odd to me, coming from an era of bullet trains and streamlining:


בנימין – ‘Benjamin’  Although I have no idea why?  Is it a company that makes train cars, or paints them?


If anyone has an answer to that last question, I would love to hear/read it.  Thanks.


Still staying home, but enjoying the view anyway.  w/c mom


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