Some general thoughts

Today was hoped to be a trip to Rosh HaNikra, the northernmost train station in Israel, but they haven’t opened the station yet so instead I am here in my comfortable room thinking all kinds of things, some related to travel some not.

I could start a new blog for non-travel-related posts, but that is too much work on a lazy Sunday, and this IS a lazy sunday.  Must be, I’m too worn out for anything else.

My middle son and his fiancee had a bridal party, called a חינה (KHEE-nah) Thursday night.  It is a Moroccan tradition, and the fiancee comes from a Moroccan family.  It was extremely fun and exciting, especially for this cripple who actually stood up and Danced!  Very briefly, very little, but still, it was a proper wedding-type miracle.

My legs are still not happy with me.

I don’t get to settle down and return to ordinary life yet.  There is the trip to the mikvah.  And the wedding itself.

One thing I’ve been thinking about is the question ‘am I an introvert?’  It is hard to tell.  I’ve spent so much time having to be constantly ‘on’ with people, either in person or on the phone, that I definitely crave alone time with a vengeance.  On the other hand, I often spend so much time alone in my room – sometimes when the body is at it’s worst, I can not leave my room for weeks – that I find myself craving social interaction in a big way.  I suppose even an introvert can crave social interaction after spending too much time alone.

I have tended to think of myself as being more in the centre of the scale between intro- and extro-vert, but…  I am desperate for time alone to recharge my batteries.  And I find that there are days when five social interactions of whatever degree – facebook counts – are too much.

Could I be becoming an introvert?  Is it something one can grow into?

A very good friend of mine, also long-term disabled, says that it is a part of becoming more disabled, that social interactions become too expensive in terms of one’s life energy.

I am hoping that later this week I can manage a trip to Nehariah again by train with youngest son E.  We want to visit a shop there, and the beach calls to me.  It is a beautiful beach there, and if we go during the week it should be quite deserted.  The only problem is that I/we need a third person to come along, as E is not experienced enough to handle the awkward bits with the wheelchair by himself, particularly if they don’t come along with the lift at any part of the trip.

Unfortunately most of the able-bodied people in my life have real lives they cannot interrupt for such a tiyul, be it never so cheap and lovely.

And I’ve been interrupted by my cat, Kitten.  She is curled up and purring and making everything a bit more awkward, so I guess I will stop for now.  More another time.

Here is Kitten:Image

w/c mom


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