So much to do, so little time

I’ve had so much I wanted to write here, but my life got hijacked by a wedding (my middle son is getting married in a few weeks) and various normal viscissitudes of life so here it is, another week and so many things still sitting waiting to get put up here.

Tomorrow I’m going on another short train outing, getting off at Tel Aviv Mercaz, the one station I haven’t been off on yet in Tel Aviv.  There is a chocolate festival which my daughter Havva let me know about and much of our family will be riding there.  Excitement all ’round.  The Husband isn’t coming, neither is daughter Simcha.

Our first month of free train riding expires for most of us tomorrow, so TH, Simcha and youngest son Eliyahu, and I will be recharging our ‘rav-kav’ cards along with going on  the tiyul.  Always something new around here.

And for tonight, before I dash off for the next thing I was supposed to get done at the beginning of the week, a few photos from some previous train trips.

Train pulling in to the station


One thing I find fascinating is the windows on the lower level only just showing above the platform.  An ant’s eye view.


And the doors opening below the level of the platform.  One of the design decisions that makes wheelchair users require assistance to board the trains


This is Eliyahu, enjoying a spot of sunlight during our week-long train vacation


And The Husband.  Don’t ask how long it took to grow the beard.  🙂  It’s okay, everyone does.


More after our next trip.

w/c mom


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