Friday, from Sderot to the Rosh HaAyin shuk

Last weekend, my middle son told me he was getting married here in Israel, in less than a month.  So it’s understandable that I haven’t had time or enough brain to write for a while.  I had a bunch more photos and such, but at this point it’s not worth going back and trying to remember it all.

However, I did get out for another trip by train this Friday and took some photos.  I am getting good at this thing, using the trains, and some of the people on the railway are starting to recognize and remember me.  Fun and all to the good.  I am enjoying traveling, and getting to know places and how to get around them.

Another thing I am getting good at is dealing with busses.  Nothing is going to make traveling by bus in a wheelchair particularly fun, especially the way bus drivers here swerve and accelerate.  I found my wheelchair literally doing a wheelie while not moving on a bus at one particular juncture.  Still, it gives me some ability to get out and travel which I haven’t had for a while.

All the busses I’ve dealt with have a ramp someone has to manually grab and fold out of the bus, which means that I haven’t got any true independence, I still have to rely on other people which means taking one or more of my kids with me generally.  Fortunately they are willing, and I am also learning ways I can help by (for instance) placing my feet on the ground to help lift the front wheels over curbs, bumps and when the ramp isn’t at all flush.

This Friday we traveled by rail from Sderot to Rosh HaAyin, and by bus from the train station there to the shuk, and back in reverse.  It was a lot of fun.  The water closet in the car going home was just fine.  I was already familiar with the peculiarities of the wheel chair accessible stall at the train station at Rosh HaAyin (once I am in the stall, there is really no way for me to shut the door, or lock it).  The station personnel were all in the right places at the right times, and there were no untoward events like when we left some bags behind at the station.

I took some photos from the trip.  It was a beautiful day, the light was wonderful, and I forgot my camera (drat!).  So these were taken with my phone.  I can’t complain, it took the photos, and I did get some good ones inside the shuk.


I tried to get the sense of the interplay of light and shadow on this station platform…



Shadows through the train window lightly blurred these images of a sheltered portion of a platform and clocks

IMG_0544  IMG_0545


First photo at the shuk



The shuk is covered which gives some relief from rain in winter and the sun in the summer



You can get almost anything at the Rosh HaAyin shuk.  Except of course size 48 shoes for my 14yo, with the really huge feet.




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