HaShalom station, heading north

Signs at Tel Aviv: HaShalom station.  The mixed Hebrew and English can sometimes be challenging, but it is helpful for tourists and those whose Hebrew isn’t up to the job.  🙂


A rail bed.  Nothing special, but I like how the shot turned out.


Bicycle and wheelchair access car.  The box seen just inside the doors is a wheelchair lift, but it is not used because “not all the crew at all the stations know how to use them, so we don’t use them to avoid confusion.”  …  You can’t make these up.IMG_0736

This car is designated for bicycles but not wheelchairs.  I was put into a couple of these over the week.IMG_0737

Train entering the station.  You can sort of see the driver in the front car.


Unfortunately my strength ran out this week, and I didn’t get out again for another train trip.  Planning on one next week and in the meantime I have more photos.

w/c mom


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