Friday, finished

So there we were, Friday, racing back to Sderot with all due speed.  We didn’t need to change trains, and everyone one the train wanted to get home, too.  At Sderot the lift was waiting for us and they were hurrying us out of the station with all due speed.  Very friendly, but firm.  Everyone wants to get home Friday afternoon.

I did use the water closet on that last train, and may I say it was a delight?  Plenty of room, grab bars, room to roll in the wheelchair to the sink, everything at a good height.  Okay, it wasn’t exactly clean and fresh smelling, but it was at the end of the journey at the end of the day.  The button that opens the door outside doesn’t correspond with the buttons on the wall that open, close and lock the door.  I didn’t lock the door, not even knowing how to close the door, leave alone lock it.  TH showed me afterward.  I did managed to do it all by myself, a treat for me – for those who might not appreciate it.  Why can’t they all be built like this?

We had been able to find out that the last train out of Rosh HaAyin would arrive at Ashkelon about forty-five minutes after we reached Sderot.  Time for a mad dash.  TH drove us all home to our tiny little moshav in the middle of nowhere.  He and my oldest son would do all of the last minute shabbot preparations and get the food on while I drove to Ashkelon to pick up S.  (Shhh! don’t tell, I don’t have a license.)  Since I can’t do any of the cleaning and preparations at home and I *can* drive, it was the best allocation of resources.  As a general rule I don’t drive since they took my license away.  I didn’t lose it for any reasons that preclude me driving, the office of licensing (my best attempt at translation) took it after I failed to get several doctors to fill out reports in one month during the chagim (High Holidays) last year.  In the process of rectifying that now and generally I don’t drive but this was something of a special case.

I wasn’t able to meet the train, but I got to Ashkelon with enough time to stop at a 24hour convenience store for a few bags of milk, and to dash to Netivot to pick up middle son and his fiancee.  That was the way we had figured things out but, of course, it didn’t work that way.  Several phone calls and text messages later, and *after* I had missed the turn had I been heading home, middle son texted S to say he’d gotten a ride to the moshav.  *very big sigh*

It was stressful, and manic, and a bit insane, and we drove for a long while before we could turn around, but S and I made it home in time to relax a little bit and change before lighting the candles.  The pitot that S had rescued became pita pizzas that night, and the challah was of course for all of shabbot.

The critters that prefer to sleep with me, Kitten and Chamudah (short-legged black lab cross)((dog)), were ecstatic but unbelieving.  Kitten is still clinging to me given any opportunity.  It is good to be loved.  😉

I’ve got loads more photos, and S advises me not to post to many in a single post, so those will be coming in the next few days at least.  And – I’m hoping to take another short trip at the end of this week.  Oh, the excitement!  This wheelchair mom is finally getting out of the house!  🙂

More on all that later.  Thanks for reading.

w/c mom


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